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Official Oxford Shirts Thread

American Apparel's Unisex XXS Oxfords are actually the best fitting I've found so far (sleeve length is perfect, open pleat back allows for a range of bust and waist sizes, shoulders are wonderfully narrow), but they wrinkle and attract lint like crazy! Got mine at a sample sale, so it was was worth the sale price. Generally I wear the AA short-sleeve oxford (also XXS) because of the thinner and lower-maintenance fabric, and in a pattern, it looks less wrinkled than it really is, so I wear it with an open-front sweater/blazer. If anyone knows a similar fit in a higher quality fabric, I'd love to hear, please. H&M is too long in the sleeves (I fold them up for a faux French cuff), and tight across the stomach and a little tight across the bust (visible gaps between the buttons), but the shoulders are perfect on me. Uniqlo is also too long in the sleeves (similar to H&M) and there is bit of that unattractive button gap across the stomach when something is just a little too small. Shoulders are wider than H&M or AA, too. Good quality fabric in the non-iron version. Express is doable - top button is always a little further down on my bust than I'd like, so I make do with an undershirt. Sleeves are long, so I get 3/4 sleeved or roll them up. Shoulders are a little wide like Uniqlo's, but have more structure, so it sticks up in a rectangular shape if I raise my arms up and don't adjust afterwards. Sizing is inconsistent because vanity sizing gets worse every season, so I try to thrift them. Banana Republic's former button-backs were alright, but I found the fabric a little thin and casual. Couldn't find the perfect size that wouldn't balloon in the upper back while also fitting my bust & stomach (slight gaps between buttons, less than in Uniqlo, but still unsightly). I've had men recommend Brooks Brothers & Charles Tyrwhitt non-irons to me, too, so I will check those and report back in case anyone is interested.

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