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desperately looking for a song! (thats impossible to find)

Ok, this is kind of a long shot. But i heard a song once in a american aparel store. and i asked what song that was. and they wrote it down for me, but i cant find the note anymore. Ok so this is what i've got on it: When i had the name of the song i were only able to find it on youtube. The name of the song is a weird long name, i recall it was something like "preculinasol" or something like that. and, i'm not sure about this, but i think the song was from a (maybe italian) tv-show and not like a real radio song. Its pretty old the, the show/video was in black/white. It hade an awsome beat! kind of reminds of the first 40seconds of this song: [URL] and yea, i know the odds of anyone of you know which song this is are pretty slim. but worth a shot, i guess!

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Nike air max 1, post pics of your favorite!

[Image] anybody know when they will be released, unless they already are :S

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High fashion stores in NY and LA.

I'm going to Los Angeles and New York next week and need some tips on what stores that's worth a visit! (would like to know the addres to if you know itblushing)

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