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Visvim Mowat Moc Black, size 10

Visvim Mowat Mocs, size 10 US for sale. Worn approximately 20 times - soles are still perfect, shoes are in great condition and have lots of life left in them. Retailed for $450, asking for $250 shipped in the US (add $15 if outside the US). Payment via Paypal... add 4% or send as gift. [Image]

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Samurai S710XX sz. 31 // S5000VX sz. 29

For sale are two pairs of Samurai jeans, both ARE NOW SOLD!

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[NHTVSN] - 2008 Discussion Thread

We're proud to present our second season of NHTVSN... as you can see, our second offering's graphics are heavily film influenced. The season begins shipping to accounts next week and we'll be launching a fully functional website ([URL]: [Image]

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NikeID store creations

hey all. back in january i got an invite to the nikeid store on elizabeth street in NYC. i'm pretty sure everyone here knows what time it is with the storefront and what not... anyways, i figured i'd make a post to show you guys the different materials and options you get at the store. here's my 90's that i designed... they just arrived in the mail yesterday. this photo is the darkest of the bunch but i think it shows the neon laces at their truest color. [Image] i had to wait a long time for them cuz the factories were overloaded but it was well worth it. i just wanted to post some pics before i start wearing em and beat em up haha.

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here are a few shot i took when i was in lisbon last september on my honeymoon. i'm still sorting through them and processing them as i have time... i have several shots of streetwear boutiques in bairro alto (their hot spot) which i'll post sometime in the fashion thread. lisbon at night [Image]

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