aknowledge denim

just bought some raw denim from this company through plndr. anyone have any experiences with this brand? it seems like they're pretty new and there isnt that much info about them out

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Grey Converse Chuck Hi Tops (3 pairs)

$25 Shipped each All sz 11 Quickest way to reach me is through [email]AndrooBarron@gmail.com[/email] [Image]

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North Face Recon Black

In great condition. Only worn lightly for one quarter and has just been sitting in my room since. No holes, rips, stains, etc. $75 obo. Quickest way to reach me is at: [email]AndrooBarron@gmail.com[/email] Located in Socal. Feel free to contact me for any other questions! [Image]

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Official "Fuck Boston teams" thread.

Feel free to vent your hate towards any Boston team. Especially the Celtics.

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Fix crooked tongues on high tops?

Anyone have this problem or know how to solve it? They always seems to drift to the left or right. This happens to a good amount of my high tops ranging from Dunk highs to Sk8 highs. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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Where to cop V-necks?

The non super thin ones without a big V exposing your chest. Like the pro club v-necks or anything similar. Thanks!

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Superstar Japan Exlcusives???

I had this offered to me in a trade offer, but i dont know if these are legit or not or really exclusives. Supposedly they came out a few years back. i dont know much about adidas so id appreciate any help [Image]

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