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Nice work.  I actually just got into the BFA program at CSULB. Do you have any words of advice as to what I should expect?

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Have Americans Become Too Sensitive?

definitely. we've become so coddled and hardly deal with real problems that we bitch about advertising campaigns and who plays who in movies. (ex: women want to ban the new florida logo cus it has a tie in it. asian-americans protested against an ice cream named after jermy lin cus it had fortune cookie pieces in it (not trying to single out those 2 demographics, everyone does it)) ^see i felt the need to apologize for singling out a group of women and asian-americans.

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ex lapd cop going on a rampage and murdering all corrupt lapd officers

[Quote]the contradiction is exactly his point. he's acknowledging that what he's doing is wrong and points out how easy it is for someone to legally purchase these weapons. basically using himself as an example.

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ex lapd cop going on a rampage and murdering all corrupt lapd officers

As a brown kid growing up in the Harbor Gateway neighborhood of LA, patrolled by the harbor division of the LAPD (where Chris Dorner worked,) I can fully attest to how fucked up LAPD can be. Some cops (not all) can be the biggest scumbags. Now I live near Torrance where those two asian ladies got lit up just for driving a similar truck as his. idiots.

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Official Instagram Thread

just started, follow ya boy http://instagram.com/carlosyousob

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HBs Fight Club vol. DREW vs The-Arm

lol real talk I saw a dude that looked just like drew at my school's rec center but I was like "nahhh" cus he was pretty swole. Now I think it might have actually been drew. thread is $$$ tho

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Shoe that look like Common Projects white achilles.

I was tryna find some like those a while back and ended up buying [URL] for like 40 cus I was broke lol

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RIP DStyles AKA Gregory Gutierrez Vol. Hate it had to be him

damn bru i go out to get my drink on and come back to this news?say it aint so. devastating [Image] jfk assassination, 9/11, DStyles getting exposed

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Ghost McFly Vol. You Only Snitch Once – YOSO

lol tito cmon bruh

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Am I a stupid dumb fuck for betting on martinez?

nah junior prolly getting dropped in the middle rounds.

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Breaking Bad

the name of the episode is the title of a walt whitman poem that reads Gliding Over All GLIDING o'er all, through all, Through Nature, Time, and Space, As a ship on the waters advancing, The voyage of the soul--not life alone, Death, many deaths I'll sing. might be referencing the painting that has popped up 3 times already and Walt recognizes while in the room with todd's uncle [Image] maybe that's why we see Walt alone on his 52nd birthday??

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Black vs Pacific Islander ( who would winin a fight)

filipinos aren't pacific islanders tho. and samoans and tongans would wreck most niggas. Source(s): Personal experience

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The Stupid Ads on the sides annoy me

[Quote] this.

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RIP Tony Scott (Director of Top Gun, Man of Fire…)

holy shit i live by this bridge. i was on that shit last week thinking how someone could off themselves real quick there if they wanted to. that drop is no joke. RIP tho [Embed content]

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Post Your Graphic Works (Graphic Design)


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