anyone else think lupe is a geek?

Hey bro, you gotta get out of this high-school mind-set of labeling folk. JUst doesnt work in reality. But I've seen a few things he's rockin, and he's a vet at his style, which looks pretty damn good compared to others ya kno? His music is pretty good, keeps me thinking and entertained so I'm cool with 'em. [URL]

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lupes swag

Swag Steez Jive All words to describe someones [B]STYLE[/B]

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Offical Myspace thread

[Quote] Mickey Rocks. The Cool Kids Go hard Mane [URL]

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comme des garcons shirt

Comme De Garcons? I wonder how you found out about em. (Dont tell me Kanye PLEASE!) Um, Actually this brand is a lil harder to find, and much more expensive than the rest. I'd rely on the internet to find source since this is higher fashion . Expect to run into prices ranging from 100-300$ for items like shirts and such. [URL]

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[Image] All Soulja's stuff has been out for....ages. This might as well blow up

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Lil Wayne's The Leak EP?

I was about to DL it off of Imeem until I figured 70% of the songs had been on Mixtapes since beginning of '07

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What are you listening to?

The Cool Kids-A Lil Bit Cooler Cee Lo-Glockapella Adios-Trill ENT. Looking For The Perfect Beat-Africka

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