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Shopping Japanese Websites

Same problems everywhere smh I was experiencing the same problem too! It's either they dont ship overseas, or their English website is too difficult to understand because they are using a translator software and the english ends up jibberish. Rakuten is good but they have limited items, and its sooo frustrating! Recently I have been using buy4ujapan. I can't add links yet because I am new to the forum, but you just need to add a dot com after the site name. Maybe you should go take a lookblushing

2 Weeks ago in Japan

Anyone have Kato Miliyah's album? and Ohters..

Try buy4ujapan ? My friend recently referred me to this website. I used them to order some manga and stuff, and they speak proper English! Its not a shopping cart site but you send requests and they will come back with a quote for what you requested. You can probably ask them for second hand copies of J-pop CDs so that they are cheaper. I can't post any links yet (new member here) but abb dot com after site name to check it outblushing

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Osaka is probably best Kyoto is very much a old fashioned sight seeing area. I agree with the earlier posts. If you want street brands, you should try to go to Harajuku in Tokyo, or at least Amerika Mura, Osaka.

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Can anyone do a pickup in Tokyo?

Tokyo pick up My friend referred me to this site buy4ujapan. Maybe you want to check it out. I can't type links yet, but you just need to add a dot com after the site nameblushing

2 Weeks ago in Asia