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[WTB] Supreme Athletic Split Crewneck XL (light blue)

PM me your offers. Cash in hand. PayPal only. Lets talk business. Text me for a quicker response: 5738644512 I have a medium A$AP Worldwide crewneck for trade. [Image]

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[FS] Supreme Natural Floral Camp Cap

My cars engine just spun a bearing, so I'm scraping together what I have to take care of it. Really sucks. Going to run me at least $3k to either get it rebuilt or swap it out with another engine. Fuck. This hat has a couple scratches on the suede, but everything else is in good condition. I'd give it an 8-9/10. The print on it is really solid. The right side has a full flower, and all the other 4 panels have at least partial flower coverage. I'd like to get $120 for it shipped in the USA, but I'll ship elsewhere if you give me a heads up. It's usually quicker to text me at 573.864.4512, but feel free to PM me on here too. [Image]

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[FS] Supreme tees on the lo lo

Plastered a deer recently. Costing me a fortune to fix up my ride. Need my ride to get to work, and need to work so I can buy clothes! What a twisted cycle. Anyway, gotta get this stuff off quick. Prices are firm, but they're hella low. Located in 65203 for locals. All prices are before 2% and shipping. Hit me up with your zip code and I'll send it however you want.  Text me to get in touch faster: 573.864.4512 DS Supreme Bling Tee. SOLD White. LG. [Image] Just text me if you want a better pic/tagged pic/whatever. No trades please, needin' some cash. Also have a worn but not washed Menace crew in navy. Size XL. Text me an offer if you want it. And hit me up if you want to buy some broken Mazda parts. FML.

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Sellin my babies. Hooped in em 3 times so the graphic on the sole is rubbed off. Outside looks clean as fuck though. I'll let the pics speak for themselves: [Image] $160 shipped gift / $165 shipped goods FIRM Original box and stuffing paper. USPS Priority. Best to text me: 5738644512 Clap that line for more pics.

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DSWOT Supreme Acid Camp Cap

Feedback: http://hypebeast.com/forums/buyerseller-feedback/196945 eBay: http://myworld.ebay.com/alxgmpr Please text 1.573.864.4512 for a faster response. I ship fast, please contact for any questions. Prices for this hat are non-negotiable. I bought this hat a while ago online when it rolled out. Hat is still DS and in pristine condition. BIN: $60 shipped gift / $63 shipped goods [Image]

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[FS] Supreme Stickers

Cleaned out.

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Feedback: alxgmpr

Please post any of your feedback for transactions with me here!

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I'm looking for PCL stickers. I got cash on hand, bruh. Text me with offers for a faster response. Mention your HB username: 1.573.864.4512

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Gift or +4% doesn't matter to me Shipping is included anywhere in the United States Contact me first for international shipping Price is negotiable Text me for a quicker response: 573.864.4512 (mention that you're from HB) ==================================== SUPREME THREE 6 MAFIA TEE RED XL ==================================== BIN: $OLD shipped     Condition: 8/10 Slight pilling, slight fading. Worn and washed once [Image]

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[FS][4/24/13] APC, Dior Homme (27), Nike (10), Vans (9.5), Levi's

hey all. so here's what's up. all items are 100% legit.  I don't deal with fakes.  never have, never will. paypal +4% for payment. PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE, but lowball offers won't be considered.  don't be afraid to offer me if it's reasonable, however.  I'm also willing to cut deals if you purchase multiple items. I DO NOT SHIP FIRST.  once I receive payment, I will ship the order.  I ship USPS priority with tracking. I am currently not looking for trades, as there are currently no items I am seriously considering acquiring. some of the pics are slightly dark.  if you want more pics of an item, pm me. also, pm me with offers/sales inquiries so the thread doesn't get cluttered.  I check hypebeast every day and respond to every pm. some of the items (tees) have initials written on the backs of the tags. this has been taken into account in pricing. *DISCLAIMER: I am currently at college.  the post office here tells me they will ship packages with tracking.  as such, I pass the post office every day so I should easily be able to ship same day (if before 4 PM EST), or next day.  as soon as I get the tracking info, I will send it in a PM and e-mail.  ONCE THE PACKAGE IS IN THE HANDS OF THE CARRIER, I ASSUME ZERO RESPONSIBILITY.  thank you!* 1. APC New Standard tag size: 27, waist measures 16" laid flat, so approx. 31" around. minimal fading around whiskers, no visible signs of comb fading.  some fading around stacks/ass area, and back right pocket faded from wallet. 4 months wear at most, one cold soak for 20 minutes recently. years of life left. 75 shipped. [Image] any questions, feel free to ask.

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Where should I sell CD's?

Does anyone know of some places to sell my CD's? I know there are some online sites but if anyone knows what's better, that'd be cool. EDIT: They're not my own works. They're just from my collection.

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Canon T3 vs T3i

I was curious if anyone has had any experience with the Canon Rebel T3 and T3i's and could recommend one of them. I'm not  a professional, but I'm a pretty decent amateur photographer.

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