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Who else is watching this? Shit's hilarious For those that don't know, it's Louis CK's new show on FX. Not your average sitcom...there's no real plot or storyline or really anything to tie the episodes together. It's almost like a sketch show but instead of sketches it's just snippets from Louis CK's life.

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Mix for the summer (Hip-hop, house, Bmore club, new Jack etc)

Finished this mix a couple weeks ago and figured I'd share it with you guys. Enjoy. Tracklisting: 1. Move (If You Wanna) - Mims 2. Um Milhao - Buraka Son Sistema & Diplo 3. Tell Your Girl To Juke It Up - Top Billin 4. 25 or 6 to 4 (Bird Peterson Remix) - Chicago 5. Postman Pat - Deekline & Ed Solo 6. Find A Way - Scottie B. 7. Juggle It - Jokers of the Scene 8. Jiggle It Riddem #1 - Kenny Meeze Federation Sound Blend 9. Poison - Prodigy 10. Faith - Wee Papa Girl Rappers 11. If I Had No Loot - Tony! Toni! Ton

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Netflix on Xbox

This ruined anybody else's life? I don't even watch TV anymore and I watch shit that I'm not even that interested in. I just watch it because I can.

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Damon Dash Dropped from Pro-keds

Looks like no more ugly ass BAPE/AF1 rip-offs, Pro-keds is going back to their classic styles... [URL]

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