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The Last Of Us (PS3) Official Discussion Thread

Damn i haven't even touched the online yet, I just got past winter in the story and shit lemme tell you, i almost cried. The acting of the characters is so genuine man.

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Most Underrated Games No One Played/Talks About

Oddworld series, that game was the shit

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The Official Identification(I.D) Thread

[Quote]look like vibergs to me

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Spike Lee is remaking the movie "Oldboy"

looks like they already fucked up the entire plot of the original movie lol

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Best Pair Vans Sk8-Hi


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^^^ check out the Niketown in Seattle, but I think they might only stock the Lunars.

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Seconding Blackbird and Blackbird Apothecary (a parfum store, they stock a bunch of CDG fragrances) Also, be sure to check out Totokaelo MAN, they stock a decent selection of menswear (rick owens, margiela, acne) but their womens selection is MUCH better.

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LA stops.

I was just in Cali last week. Here's the map I was using: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF&msa=0&msid= 202328870660431912039.0004e0e2e8845f35c1a74 (for bfast i went to a little coffee shop to meet up with my friend, and lunch was super easy to find around the farmers markets so I didn't bother writing those places down. Do check out Daikokuya though, it was delicious, despite the long line.) Favorite shops when I was there: Union, Maxfield, H.Lorenzo, Opening Ceremony, Amoeba, and Wasteland. Wasteland is really cool cos for a "vintage" shop, they actually have a lot of designer there. picked up a cdg sweater. Barneys there was alright different selection but still all pretentious assholes. If you have the chance, stop by H.Lorenzo even if the clothes arent in your taste, even the design of the building was amazing and the dudes working there were actually really chill. also: supreme store was less than remarkable. asian dudes hanging around outside and fat white kids askin their moms to buy them sick camps inside. i saw that dude lucas tho.

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