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Popping the brim of your caps

does anyone pop the brims of their caps? I do with one of my mishka hats that has writing on the underside. Some people hate it, I think it's dope but I might just be making a fool of myself in public.

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

White high cut sneakers?

I'm looking for a pair of all white high cut sneakers, Don't really care what brand it is, preferably no air jordans, AF1s or Vans Sk8 hi Thanks

2 Weeks ago in Footwear

How do I get leather to stop smelling like smoke?

I bought this wicked Obey leather jacket a week ago and tonight I wore it to a party, I got a lot of compliments and whatnot, but as the night went on my jacket began to smell like smoke. Right now I'l letting it air out upstairs, but I don't know how much success that'll have, how can I get the smell of smoke out of my leather?

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Brown pants - too skater-ish?

I really wanted a pair of coloured pants, I already have a pair of beige ones so I decided to go with brown, so I bought some brown levis 510s the other day. Do brown pants make me look like those hobo skaters? (you know, the kind that wear beanies all year round) cause that's really a look i want to avoid

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Big T-shirts with skinny jeans

My jeans are real skinny, they practically cling to my legs, their not skin tight but they come close. I copped an xl tee (I usually wear size s or m) for free and its really long. Do skinny jeans look stupid with big tshirts? and if not, How do you/should I wear my skinny jeans with big shirts, should I sag my jeans low, or pull them up to the regular length?

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

Acid Wash?

I found a place near my house that sells levis jeans, and I was browsing for a new pair of jeans when I stumbled upon Acid Wash 510s. I kinda liked them and I was gonna cop a pair, but I don't know if acid wash is kinda pushing it. what is your opinion on acid wash jeans?

2 Weeks ago in Denim

Job Interview with H&M

I have a job interview with H&M as a part time sales associate, their opening a new store in the mall near my home, and they've had a bunch of jobs fairs since the announcement of it's opening, a lot of people from my school/people that I know went to them, but after talking to them I've discovered that I was the only one whom they called regarding a second interview. I really really want the job, I've had interviews before, but only for part time jobs for places like grocery stores. So I need some advice on two things: 1: What should I expect/what should I practice? I've never really had an interview for a clothing store before and I have a feeling their gonna surprise me with questions I haven't heard before. 2: What should I wear? I know I should dress reflecting what kind of stuff they sell, so I was thinking just a black H&M cardigan with perhaps a grey tshirt or an American Apparel vneck, and a pair of navy blue skinny jeans and my burgundy Eras (with the knot tucked inside the shoe so it doesn't look skater-ish. I'm really nervous for it too, this job means a lot to me.

2 Weeks ago in Off Topic

I want a nice pair of classic high cuts in white

I really like white classic high top shoes, but aside from nike dunks, I really don't know any companies that make ones like the dunk, does anyone know any good looking high cuts in white. I like Xavier de Rosnay's shoes, so something like that, I've tried a lot of large shoe brands websites (Adidas, Puma) I've had little success. Thanks blushing

2 Weeks ago in Brands

Looking for a leather jacket

I live near Toronto, and I really wanna pick myself up a leather jacket for christmas, I've tried the thrift stores in my area, but the jackets there are massive. I kinda want a really slim leather jacket though, a lot of jackets seem to have huge sleeves. Deos anyone know of any shops in downtown toronto (preferably on or within a 10 minute walk from queens) that sells really slim leather jackets? thanks.

2 Weeks ago in Canada