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How come my download speeds are way slow?

I have Comcast high speed and whenever I download something it's real slow, like anywhere from 2kbps to 80kbps slow. Sometimes it gets stuck at a speed and doesn't even download anything. WTF

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what other songs are similar to these?

[URL] you know that dope 90s shit

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who here procrastinates?

brb 10 page paper due thursday haven't started yet lol

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Reebok Realflex

Has anyone tried these? are they good for running?

2 Weeks ago in Footwear

Broke Ass Gamer (Used Games) Official Discussion Thread

or are yall straight ballin and drop 60 bones on new games? my gf is gonna cop me a ps3 pretty soon and i'm thinkin of just buying used games unless its something that i really really want like la noire [URL]

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what things in your life would you like to see a change in?

It doesn't have to be personal. It could also maybe do something with your community or even worldwide. For me I would like to be less of an introvert with people.

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School me on the "deep web"

Anyone know any shit about this? What kinda shit can you look into?

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soooo one of my gf's friends txtd me to get drunk with her tonight

she drunk right now and she asked me to go get drunk wit her and her friend. my gf knows how much i think she is annoying. but id fuck the shit out of her. what to do hb?

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Does Dr. Dre take steroids?

God damn this ♥♥♥♥♥ so brolic [Image]

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Towelhead girls got cursed with the ugly ass gene

Real talk. Makes me wanna throw up everytime

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Do you fart in your denimz?

whenever i feel like farting i pull my pants down and fart. fuck getting that shit on my denimz

2 Weeks ago in Denim

melatonin and crazy ass dreams

So recently I've taken melatonin pills to help me go to sleep and I've had some lucid ass dreams while on it. I've had dreams about. The end of the world. Me fucking multiple bitches, and my sister dying in a plane crash. I've had a lot more scary dreams than dreams of me fucking multiple bitches. Melatonin is a hellauva drug

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$500 wardrobe

sup guys, i'm looking to start a new wardrobe since i've been losing weight. Problem is i only have 500 bucks to work with. What's some good quality cheep shit like levis that i can buy..

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So wtf is going on in Egypt son???

I keep hearing about it in the news but never bother to listen the government corrupt or what?

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so fucking drunk

was good myu hb neiggas

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