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[FS] The Hundreds, Rogue Status, In4mation, Us Versus Them, Orisue, OBEY (Size XL)

For Sale Only. No Trades. Just looking to clear up some closet space. PayPal Only. $3 shipping on tees. Meet-ups ONLY in the Riverside area. I'm really just looking to get rid of this stuff so the first offer I like I'll take. If you have any questions the best way to contact me is email: [email]aim2plz44@msn.com[/email] or send me a pm but email is the best way to get a hold of me. Just Added. s/o $40 shipped...BIN $60 shipped [Image]

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Need your help

Ok, so I bought some shoes a little over a week ago, not in this marketplace but on iss, and I already sent the money but it took me like four days just to get a hold of the dude and he was like ohh sorry I've been busy with school and work I'll ship the shoes no later than thursday. Well thursday is long gone and I still cant get a hold of him. Did I get screwed? what should I do? What would you guys do?

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