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If you are an idiot don't bother reading this.

So on some real shit, Ladies and gentlemen, upon reflection of the completion of my 2 year MBA program I feel capitalism has absolutely destroyed North America's education system. We are all set up to fail. I feel as if all post-secondary education institutions care solely about taking our money, first and foremost. The service these college's provide is pretty much arbitrary. I have had so many professors who could barely speak comprehensible English. The process of earning a degree/diploma takes more than just understanding the material taught by the instructor/ professor. In most instances you will be forced to first comprehend what your teacher is saying, in English, before you can even start to write notes. It seems like almost half of first year students are kicked out of the semi-competitive programs, even though the high-school education these students received should have been solely to prepare them for college education.  I mean lets be real, if I was the college I would probably have the same profit-driven ideology:take a bunch of young people's money, and then kick them out after they have already invested +$10k in the pursuit of their degree, since they won't have a clue that they will be required to do more than simply regurgitate everything said by their teacher. What do y'all think about that? Am I missing something?

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Hey all, Today I am putting my Serra's up for sale. I'd give them a 9.5/10 for condition. Come with original box, laces, and tags. See pictures below. [Image] Price : $230 USD + shipping PM me if you want these. Thanks all.

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[FS]GRAIL SALE- Visvim Checkered Cowans, 06/07 Sierra, Supreme Paisley, BBC , Etc..

Hey all, My new job requires more closet space for suits than I ever imagined. Therefore, it it with regret that I am posting the following items for sale.I accept Paypal only, please pay the fee, or send as Gift. Shipped from Toronto, Canada. First, we have my purchased from Union LA Visvim Cowan's. Size 9.5, worn, but sparingly. I'd give them an honest 8/10 for condition. Comes with original box. (Borrowed from KidKorea will update with actual pictures ASAP) [Image] Price $ 270+ shipping

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Flat Head x Self Edge SE05BSP Sz. 28 , SS11 Supreme + More!

Paypal only Located in CAN but will ship international PM me with offers, I'm very flexible 100% Legit. Paypal +4% (or gift) How are we doing? Good? Great. Today I have 2 items for sale: 1) A rare and super hard to get pair of jeans! Custom aged and unique processed denim pair of Flat Head x Self Edge SE05BSP Sz. 28. The jeans have great fading properties. As you can see the fades are starting to come in nicely. A bit of fading on the back pocket is starting to show. They remained un-hemmed and in great condition. Measurements: Tage Size: 28 x 39 Actual Waist: 28' Length: 34' Leg Opening: 6.75' Thigh measurements are. 11" inches at the crotch point and 9" inches above the knee.. SE05BSP 14.5oz Unsanforized Japanese Selvedge Denim Rope Dyed Denim Indigo Half-Arcuates Button-Fly Extra Thick Leather Patch Copper Rivets Hidden Rivets Slim Tapered Cut We're happy to introduce Flat Head's newest cut, the SE05BSP. This jean is a slim tapered cut with a button fly. This is not to be confused with the SEXFH05, which was a modified 3001 cut. This is a completely new fit, not based on any previous models. With the SE05BSP the jean is perfect for those looking for a slim modern cut with a small leg opening. The fading properties on these jeans are what Flat Head are known for. Intense vertical fading and after only twenty wears or so the dark denim gives way to a bright blue indigo fade which results in great contrast over time. We've never never seen contrast this intense form on denim from any other manufacturer before. RETAIL $325+ Tag Size. 28x39 [COLOR="Red"]Price - 200 CDN.[/COLOR] [Image]

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Feedback: InfamousKid

Just picked up a pair of Visvim's off InfamousKid. Transaction was extremely smooth, good communication, and product exactly as described A+++ Would definitely do business with againsmokeyface

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Hilarious but unfortunate snow mobile crash

Hahaha, got quite the good laugh out of this video. You only need to watch the first 30 seconds. I wonder what he was saying after the second fail? Probably something like " fuck this I'm going home", as he looked pretty damn pissed when he pull-starts the sled in one pull hahahaha. Enjoy [URL] (Not my video btw.)

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Skipping class ?

Sup dudes, Anyone here skip college/university classes? It's a real shitty day here and I constantly find myself saying " Ah fuck it, it's not worth walking from the car 2ish km's in the pouring rain for 2 classes". Fuck rainy days, and fuck school>smh

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Car Vandalized Last Night

What's good HB So last night at around 2:30 am my 2003 OZ Lancer had both its front and back windshield smashed out. I'll throw the pictures up in a few. Both are totally broken and will both need replacing. I've already offered a 500 dollar reward for whoever gives me the names of the people that did it. How would ya'll go about finding out who did it. I know of some punk's that would probably do it, but I don't like going around accusing people that I am not certain of. Idea's are appreciated! Thanks dudes, and ladies.

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Thread

Anyone here train BJJ? I train out of Joslin's Karate in Ontario, Canada Just strating training again, stopped at a brown belt Would love to get my black belt, but with university it's going to be a pain in the ass to say the least Lets get talking!

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