Visvim FBT Folk US11, New Balance 574 US12

up for sale are these shoes paypal only - add 4% pls note im located in Hong Kong, but will be in Europe for about 2 weeks end of the month, therefore willing to bring the shoes in my suitcase to save you shipping cost [URL]

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tailormade shirts in Hong Kong

to cut a long story short: i moved to HK around a year ago and since then it was even harder to find clothes for my anyways akward body (i am 6'7", ever tried to fit asian size clothing?) Hong Kong is famous for its cheap tailors that make really well fitting clothes and thats what i myself some shirts there which fitted really well, but after all i just couldnt get along with these business shirt fabrics they offered me there. As you probably know HK is home to a lot of fashion sourcing companies and buying offices for bigger brands (thats what brought me here as well) and there are a lot of shops by chinese fabric manufacturers all over the city (especially in Sham Shui Po, if anybody is more interested in stuff like this) that offer their stuff in wholesale quantities over here. The possibilities to choose from are HUGE and after some time i went there and just bought some simple fabrics that i thought were nice and asked my tailor to make me a shirt with that stuff.. so this shirt came out really damn good at a ridiculous cheap price and i told myself i wont buy shirts in retail anymore, i just get everything custom made with the details i want to have! I know in the US or Europe its quite expensive to get a tailor made shirt in a good quality so I thought i might share this with other, like minded people who are sick of buying damn expensive stuff that doesnt really fit in the end... what i got here is some really heavy chambray fabric in a bright blue colour as a classic button down shirt with single pocket on the left side ..surface looks quite rough and so is the feeling of the fabric, but i dig it. but whatever check the pictures and let me know what you think! Im willing to arrange this for anyone who asks me and ship anywhere if youre interested...i have this tailor my friends and me use for quite a long time and they never disappoint! All details are possible to change: collar, cuffs, thread color, etc. I got more fabric on hand, more pictures later [URL]

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girls in supreme

i know you like it german rap, dont mind the music! [Embed content]

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Nike SB, Nike, Asics X Mita, New Balance US 12 & 13

[Image] Vans Prison Issue / US 12 / 15€ 10 / 10 (never worn) All prices plus shipping! All prices are negotiable! Get in touch with me if youre interested via PM and we can discuss shipping prices aswell!

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