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Supreme & WTAPS Vans, Clarks, Pointer, Nike, ++MORE (Size 9-10) NOTHING OVER $100

Located in New York Everything Guaranteed 100% Authentic. Paypal only. Shipping with USPS Priority Mail. Shipping Fee: Add $9 US / out of US contact me --- Vans x Supreme Old Skool (2007 Halftone) Size 9- $65 worn- check photos for condition [Image] [URL]

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Dior, NDG, APC, Uniqlo (29-30) | W)Taps, RRL, Engineered Garments, WWM, Uniqlo (XS-M)

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I can only access hypebeast.com through a proxy service..

I cannot get on hypebeast.com, rather even the forums. The screen will not load. The only way I can get on hypebeast is threw a proxy service. I have been off for the past few days, figuring the sight was down, until I tried a computer at work and I was able to access hypebeast.com. The only way I am even typing this post now is through a proxy. Am I IP Banned..? Let me know, thanks... edit: It says I was banned... What the fuck? I have 1 referral so far, otherwise I don't know what I did. And IP ban bans me COMPLETELY from hypebeast.com, including the blog part? Someone tell me whats up?

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[FS] - Visvim G Cowan (9, true size: 10)

[CENTER][B][SIZE="3"]VISVIM G COWAN.[/SIZE][/B] [B][I]Size:[/I] 9, [I]Actual size:[/I] 10 [I]Condition:[/I] DS, only tried on. [I]Price:[/I] $210USD.[/B] [I]I am only looking to sell these what I bought them for. $210 + shipping/paypal. The reason I am selling is because I didn't know I had to size down one.[/I] -If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to PM me! [Image][/CENTER]

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Yeah.. I'm sure this has been mentioned before but what's the best way to download free music I have a mac but I want to avoid virus's anyway I have been suggested soulseek, and I don't know if it's safe to use limewire pro or not- considering I could just get it for free any suggestions? edit: if this thread is against the rulz just delete it..

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Useless denim

I came across "Useless Denim" @ the hnyee shop. I have never seen them before- anyone have any more info on them/ other sites that sell them? [URL]

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Shrinking a sweatshirt..

I have the Supreme World Famous (on the hood) hoodie and unfortunately Supreme does not make smalls, so I bought a Medium and it fits a bit big on me. It's not OD big, but I would just like a bit smaller fit. Can anyone recommend a method for me shrinking the jacket a bit without ruining the jacket/print?

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Raw denim help...

I'm pretty new to jeans, raw jeans in particular, and I recently bought a pair of APC's. I really like the way they fit, and the price was not bad. I am looking for more raw denim around the price of APC's? (around 150? ). Also, the APC's I got are New Standard's and I really like the fit because they are not too tight or too loose, so if anyone could suggest jeans like that it would be great! I prefer to buy them in person, I wouldn't want to buy them offline because I would like to try them on, so if you know some good denim in NYC help me out! thanks! -ADV+ Edit: the price can be less then APC of course, lol. it's just that 150 is about my budget atm.

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Fragment Design x Converse

Does anyone know when the fragment design x converse is dropping? heard about it a while back, not sure about the release date, could have already came out for all I know lol

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Shops in Scotland

Hi, I'm going to England and Scotland in 3 days and I was wondering if there are any shops I should check out while I am in Scotland? Anywhere in Scotland is fine. If you know any good spots in England too that would be great.. Let me know, thanks!

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