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What online stores you guys shop at?

Maybe some stores in the list are stating the obvious sorry for that http://fillingpieces.bigcartel.com/ {Filling Pieces; great shoes} http://www.mrporter.com/ {Mr. Porter} http://www.asos.com/ {Asos, for clothing accessories etc} http://www.oki-ni.com/ {Oki-ni, nice for accessories} http://www.gilt.com/ {US, but nice site to that bulk buys brand products and then discounts them heavily, ships to europe) http://www.happysocks.com/ {Socks} http://www.youngthread.com/ And some self-promo: http://www.ikhebeenbril.nl {Sunglasses, language is dutch, ships to UK and other european countries though. Free shipping from 30 euro's)

2 Weeks ago in Europe