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3sixteen SL series denim

3sixteen quality greatly eclipses most "streetwear" brands even though I hate the way these look, that's a matter of taste...the top block looks like it fits really well and the ugly untapered cut is just what some people like--don't see people hating on all the 300$ repro-fit denim from japan, they just move on if they don't like it.

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the what are you wearin now thread

no hate killa but you have pretty awful taste in clothing i don't really mind people who either don't know better or don't care but there's no point in flaunting ignorance

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Engagement Rings...

unless she's a hood rat a smaller, higher quality diamond will be much better than a bigger low quality one... remember that she's gonna be looking at this thing on her finger for hopefully the next 50+ years...also remember that she will be able to tell if it's quality or not...and if she can't, homegirls can. and 9/10 girls will care where it came from...and half the people she shows it to will ask where it came from as well... all good reasons to go with tiffany's if you can even imaginably afford it.

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Question for the 6"5 and up / Brands that have taller shirts

i'm not as tall as your ass but still 6'4", for basic pieces like Ts and sweaters i hit up gap, banana republic or j crew and size L or XL in "tall", extra length on body and sleeves. shit is never in stores when i look but always online, go check some of their size charts edit: and as far as streetwear goes lrg (yes...i know...still) stuff tends to be long

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