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Jay-z FINALLY addresses anti-christ rumors...

People have toooo much time on their hands trying to break down and add hidden meanings in the lyrics. Its too much.

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Not a major fan of this list. Last years line up seemed better.

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Clipse - Freedom Video

IllusiveMedia does it again. The video was amazing.

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500 Days of Summer

I'm probably the only person in the world that hasn't see this yet. smh Need it to come On-Demand.

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I only want to spend between $100 and $150

Make ebay you best friend if thats you budget. IDK if you'll get something of quality but you'll most def get something.

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D40 vs rebel?

Go canon is you have no camera history. Canons are far more user friendly.

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Good camera to get, but on a budget?

Might want to raise your budget brother. They do have decent camera for that price but you know what they say: You get what you pay for.

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D300 or 50D?

Id say go with the D300. If you dont have the loot, got with the D90. If you REALLY dont have the loot, go with the D5000. They're all stand up cameras. the only different in price are little subtleties in functions that you'll probably never use anyways

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Canon t1i

If I were you, I would do it. I've messed around with it and in the long run it most definitely has its flaws.. Major flaws. Go Nikon Brother.

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Commissary Disses Crooks and Castles

All and all, it's a little funny.

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[Dirty Knuckles] - 2009 Discussion Thread

I guess I'll do the honors. Dirty Knuckles is a Los Angeles based lifestyle clothing brand. We draw inspiration from STRUGGLE and SUCCESS. We believe that anything worth having is worth fighting for, so it’s only natural to get your knuckles dirty every once in a while. Along with Dirty Knuckles the clothing line, we also produce a online magazine called Overdose. Overdose covers the most current fashion, music, art, and trends. Dirty Knuckles is more than just a lifestyle brand name, it is also a form of self expression. We aim to make clothes to fit the rebel, fighter, skater, protester, rocker, hip-hopper, jerk, and the lover of life in all of us. What The Fuck Is Dirty Knuckles? We are DIRTY KNUCKLES! Ace Knuckles DRTYKNUX[.]Com Twitter/AceKnuckles

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