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FS: Vans White Eras and Half Cab Pro Supertuff Suede sz 9.5

Honestly worn them about 4 or 5 times. Minimal wear. 8.5 out of 10. They are just a bit big for me. $55 shipped CONUS. [Image]

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Neighbor’s daughter wants to slam VOL awkard jailbait

I normally don't spend much time in this section of the forum other than lurking because...let's be honest. Ya'll be crazy. But after this shit happened, my immediate reaction was to put it here. I fully expect this thread to jump the shark within 2 pages. Don't let me down HB. Backstory: My annoying Brazilian/Italian (how the fuck does this ethnicity combine) neighbor found out I play guitar. Even though I've been in a few bands I don't consider myself a very talented musician, but he insisted that he pay me like $35 an hour to teach his 17 year old daughter to play. For that kind of paper I wasn't gonna argue. Now full disclosure...this girl looks more like she should be 19. Her mom is like full Brazilian and her dad is some Brazil/Cuba/Italy mix so that might have something to do with it. It's awkward as fuck because she's showing her goods off all the time with low cut tops and shit, even though she knows I'm 22. So anyway. I've been teaching her for about 2 months now. It's a hassle because she's more interested in trying to flirt than let me teach guitar, but honestly I don't give a fuck because she sucks ass at it anyway. But I show up at her house and there's some sketchy looking note on the door that says "parents are out today, let yourself in, I'm in my room." At that point I shoulda known something was up, because her parents are always there during lessons. But my dumbass opened the door and walked inside. I go up to her room, and (yeah you know what's coming) she's laying on her bed in the bra and panties waiting for me. Basically my dick and my brain got in a 10 second argument before I finally said something to her. me: what the hell are you doing? her: my parents aren't home. come on. me: there's no way this is gonna happen. her: I'm gonna be 18 in like 6 months it's cool. me: nah it's really not though...foreal I think I'm just gonna leave. her: whatever. it's here when you want it. Aight so I know what all you sick fucks are thinking. "dude just hit it brah." But on the real, this girl's dad scares the fuck outta me and I'm pretty sure if he caught me slammin that I would be a dead man. Not really looking for advice, but hell, feel free to yell at me or whatever.

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Anybody know where I can find a concrete history of LIl B's career?

I'm doing a paper on viral marketing and I want to include him. But it's extremely hard to find any solid info on the based god. There aren't that many decent articles on him that detail his career.

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Official Layering Pics/Discussion Thread

Jackets, Hoodies, Sweats, Parkas...you name it. It's getting cold we need this thread. Post pics of epic layering in action. [Image]

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I'm doing a thesis on Lil B. Need some help.

On the real though, whether you like this ♥♥♥♥♥ or not you must admit he might be the most interesting thing going on in rap right now. Long story short, I'm doing a philosophy thesis on him and his "art." Only problem is digging through the massive pile of material that is Lil B. So I need the hypebeast's help. What are the key interviews/videos/tracks that I need to look at that really give a full 360 view of this dude?

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Anybody ID these Vans authentics?

Was this just a limited run or something? Tried googling and couldn't find anything really. [Image]

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Denim stores in Sarasota?

I'm going down the Sarasota for a couple weeks on the 5th. I know there's got to be some serious selvedge with all the money in that area. But where?

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Official Frank Ocean Thread (cause OF can't hold this dude)

I know a majority of you Wolf Gang fans have at least heard Nostalgia, ULTRA. I was seriously impressed with that release. Yeah, it had some fluff but it showed hints of experimental R&B brilliance. It's easy to see why OF likes him though, because he isn't as concerned with radio sounds as much as actually producing a whole album. But the other day I saw he had the Lonny Breaux collection out. Seeing the tracklist, I assumed it was going to be 63 tracks of badly produced b-sides. In reality, it's 63 tracks of some of the highest quality R&B songwriting that rivals most of what's on Nostalgia, ULTRA. There's not a bad joint in the bunch. Frank is one radio single away from being the next Chris Brown. There's so many tracks on here that just scream brilliance. If you even remotely like good R&B, do yourself a favor and download this mixtape. At least listen to: -Acura Integurl -Simply -Read The Stars -Done -Blasted I wouldn't be shocked if this guy gains more fame than the group who got him discovered in the next couple years. Unlike OF, he is actually marketable to a mass radio audience. And if handled right, could blow up indefinitely.

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IYO what are the top 5 street/fashion brands running right now?

In terms of credibility/putting out shit that doesn't suck. Doesn't have to be super well known like Hundreds/Mishka as long as the product is legit. List em.

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How's the quality on the Obey hoodies?

Pretty simple. I noticed they aren't that expensive. Are they middle of the road or better?

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Feedback: EMU OG

Just wanted to give this guy some love for a great transaction. Bought some Naked and Famous jeans. Exactly as described and fast shipping. Solid seller. Do not hesitate to buy from. You won't regret. [URL]

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Looking for a raw denim jacket

Probably on the cheap side, like less than $100. Doesn't have to be selvedge, but hey it wouldn't hurt. The Levi trucker rigid jacket looks nice. No idea on the quality but I like dark washes and tighter fits sooo. Other than that though, I have no idea. help?

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