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Help me to find a camo jacket

Hello, I saw some people in the streets of NYC wearing some very cool camo jacket. It was like M65 but with the same camo pattern from bape without the head of ape. I mean the color was brighter than usual M65 from the Us army. CAN ANYONE HELP ME OUT ? I tried to find everywhere. Thanks !

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Fish eye HELP HELP

hello guys, I always wanted to shoot with a fish eye lense. If I buy a lense like this for my Nikon D40: [URL] Thanks !

2 Weeks ago in Visual Arts

What to see , to do , to go at NY ??

Hello everybody, I will be next week for 10 days in NYC, I looked at the forum and stuff, and I found all the ''cool'' shops: supreme, bbc, atmos, apc, union... But i would like to know, What is a MUST to see ? restaurant ? cool club ? (i'm more into electro things, justice stuff or rock / indie , the strokes) nice place to see go ? I bought the lonely planet for the Tourist STUFF, but I want to have the advices from the NY fellow blushing. Thank you !

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What is your opinion between RUTGERS (new brunswick,NJ) and American U. in D.C. ???

Hello , I have the opportunity to go in those two schools next year for an exchange program. But i would like to have your opinion about the schools ? course ? campus? dormitories? Bitch ? party ? If you know some people there ... Thank you !!!!

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Where can i purchase a head porter messenger ???

Hi Do you know a website where i can buy a head porter messenger ??? thanks

2 Weeks ago in Fashion

What do you think of the new MACBOOK PRO ?

hello , My laptop just crashed. I have to buy another one but i'm kinda tired of using windows it always bug even if you take care of it... I tried a macbook pro and i found it pretty nice. I mean the design of course but everything looked pretty clean. I would like to have some feedback of macbook pro's users. Is it worth to pay 1500$ ? Thanks!

2 Weeks ago in Gaming

soon in HK

Hello everyone , Me and a friend will be in hk for 10 days [ 17 august to 27 ] , we wanna have fun , if someone want to show some TIGHTS places ; shop , clubs ... it will be great [ no HOMO xD ] . See you

2 Weeks ago in Hong Kong