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WDYWT: 2012 (Chat Edition)(Flaming User = 24 Hour Ban)

[Quote] http://www.selfedge.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=72&products_id=747

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Real talk...not going to college

College is a door to opportunity. I see it as more of a networking tool nowadays because everyone and their mom, literally, is getting a Bachelors. Although, I can't really speak on that cause I dropped out and have been employed ever since, thankfully. I work in the related field I want but I plan to go back to broaden my options a bit; I want to be a Automotive Engineer. I do advise, though, that you get a part time job somewhere where you can pick up other skills if the time allows. I was working at Fry's Electronics, made it to sales and got a job offer off of that; the motivation to learn was that money.

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Official 5 Panels/ Camp Caps Thread

[Image] Huf x Cliche. Really, really liked the silhouette of the Golden Gate Bridge on the side panels.

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Show Your Wallet.

[Image] Loud as a mug but I got it on the low. It's perfect; holds everything I need, allows easy access and stays thin for my front pocket.

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The Official Identification(I.D) Thread

[Quote] Kind of look like a pair of Tretorn to me. [Image]

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