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Need new computer, suggestions?

Lenovo makes some of the best laptops for professional and power users when it comes to PC's. However, being a Creative in this time period it's hard for me not to recommend the Macbook since it's the standard especially if you ever want to use Apple only software such as Logic, Motion, Final Cut, etc. If you don't want to shell out macbook money don't forget about the Mac Mini it has the same functionalities of a MacBook or iMac just at a more affordable price. Also it's worth noting that if you do decided to pick up a MacBook or a Mac Mini I would order the most amount of RAM that you could afford. This will save you tons of time and is guaranteed to make sure your Mac retains flawless performance.

2 Weeks ago in Tech

The best app for to-do list and task manager?

I've been using Asana lately it's available on all platforms and they're always adding additional features. I prefer it more than Evernote because it's a dedicated Task Manager and you really get that feeling once you use it.

2 Weeks ago in Tech