Feedback: ShockLaRock Legit seller got my item 2 weeks time since i lived in Canada , Pleasure doing business with you planning to do more in the future!

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What method to Bleach my ordinary jeans? (levi 511's)

Hey guy's im just wondering what method would you use to bleach some normal dark blue 511's into a lighter sky blue shade; im unsure what process to use because i don't want to mess up on it. The colour im trying to get the jeans is somewhat like these : Please share your past experience's on how to bleach jeans and such it would be appreciated thanks! (:

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FS/FT: NEW ITEMS! Undrcrwn/Nike SB/Unbranded Denim/LRG/Levi’s Sz. Small-Large, 30, 7 1/4, 7 ½

Free bump!

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where to cop sweater?

A trip to the thrift will do you justice hopefully

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23 Diamond Shirts for CHEAP

is it possible to buy half of those for 100$ , i only have a 100$ prepaid card on me fml man , none the less this is going to be an ez steal for someone.

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Small Diamond Shirts Price Drop! FREE SHIPPING

How much would you sell them all for, if I buy them all?

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Legit Check ) APC x Supreme New standerd Jeans

Hey i need a legit check on these pair of jean's, im unsure if they are real or not since the coin pocket is a different colour then the actual picture's of the jeans that i see on google. Thank's for looking~! ^^

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