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Your Favorite Soundcloud Artists Or Tracks

We always got people self-promoting, and that's cool, but ain't none of these dudes giving real feedback. So I wanna take the focus off of everybody on here... Unless somebody posts your work of course. I've learned in my 6 months on Soundcloud, that it's the quickest way to find the most talented, innovative, experimental producers and artists otherwise. This is an outleet to share amazing tracks you heard, would like other people to hear, or just wanna put us on game with a dope artist. [B]Raj Mahal[/B](Click Pic to visit) [URL] [I][B]Thanks to visit my page.Im 30,live in Russia and im a sportsman,but always loves music and im makin a beats on AKAI MPC 1000,FL8[/B][/I] Get 2 posting!

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One of the best hip hop/rap artists of the 2000's. A mogul in his own right, and a pure hit maker. He gets slept on, and [I]Ludaversal[/I] will wake everyone back up.smokeyface [URL] All Luda do is winsmokeyface

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Post up any mixes you've done, or found that you like. (One I finished last night. Hour in length, and full of great hip hop/rap. [URL]

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