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Asians and Hip Hop

didnt bother to go through the whole thread dont know if anyone mentioned Lyrics Born, hes underground though. I think the reason you don't see a lot of Asian rappers in the mainstream here in North America, is because Asian hip-hop isn't really seen an something that's easily marketable. I'm sure in Hong Kong and Japan there are plenty of Asian rappers who are rich and famous. It's the same reason you don't see that many Asian actors over here except in kung-fu/action movies. Asian people, and frankly ethnic people in general, get pigeonholed when it comes to entertainment. Reasonably, an Asian rapper with a proper label push could be succesful here in NA, I don't see why not, but major labels want something thats easy to sell, which is why you will see garbage copycats of Lil Wayne, Drake and Gucci Mane on MTV before you see any of the myriad of talented Asian rappers out there, it's a shame

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Trademark Da SkyDiver - Issue#2: Supervillian

this is the tape that Roasted is on right? I've been playing that track for a while now... Trademark is a decent rapper, I think he gets a little more hype than he should cause he rolls with curren$y, but hes a cool dude with some choice beats so this tape can get some play

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OFFICIAL Toronto Shopping Guide

Sanction Skate & Snow 330 Steeles Avenue West Toronto, ON L4J 6W9 (905) 738-8644 One of the few places in Toronto that carries Diamond Supply (if any1 knows any others let me know), this is a good store to go to get some of the less prominent skateboard companies out there, they have a good selection of hats, and a great selection of KR3W as well if your into that (not really my thing) [Quote] The store I just posted above, Sanction, is currently carrying the Vans X Starter collab snapbacks, but they'll run you $35-40

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[Diamond Supply Co.] - 2010 Official Discussion Thread

Hey, I live in Toronto, Canada and if anyone out there knows where a good spot in Toronto or the GTA to cop Diamond Supply is? As it stands right now, there are a handful of stores that carry a small amount of Diamond each, maybe I'm sleeping on some spot out there but as of right now it's slim pickens. Nick or anyone involved if you read this, please help out the mans living the diamond life north of the border, cats is starving out here haha. Also if anyone knows of a solid online retailer that ships to canada (besides karmaloop) or a seller on this site in the Toronto area, I would appreciate that a lot to. Thanks

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