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Small brands that deserve rep

[URL] i went to austin texas for chaos in tejas fest this year and walking around i saw maybe ten people wearing this one brand called traitors and martyrs designs are dark in the same style of actual pain and black scale. i ended up meeting the owner at the lil ugly mane show chilling with antwon and larry susan and he was really down to earth. told me how he hopped on the grey hound and came to the fest with a bag full of shirts and a few bucks in his pocket. he ended up giving me a few shirt  and i looked up his instagram and hes generally into music and everything that revolves around his designs he has gotten recognition from actual pain and the 5th column and i hope to see this dude take off one day. www.traitorsandmartyrs.bigcartel.com

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ABGOHARD & Slater - Tuck Yo Hoe

good shit homie came across you on tumblr

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