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Trip to Boston?

Thinking about taking a trip to Boston with a few friends for my birthday. Most likely rent a hotel for a night. I'm wondering what there is to do in Boston. My birthday is also on a Friday and we'd be staying that Friday till Saturday, so whats up with the boston nightlife? Please no trolling, need legit suggestions.

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Having a debate with some friends right now about autotune becoming popular back in 08(?). They're trying to say Lil Wayne brought autotune into the game and that he was basically the first one to do it (besides T-Pain ofcourse). But I'm almost certain that Lil Wayne got it from Kanye. I saw an interview back around that time and Lil Wayne had heard what kanye was doing with autotune while messing around in the studio and THEN decided to hop on it. Anybody have links or thoughts? Also song dates dont count, just because Lil Wayne may have come out first with an autotune song doesnt mean he was the first to do it and didnt bite someone else.. Please help.

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