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Sneaker Game Japan vs. USA

Hi all, I'm kind of new to the sneaker game and am trying to get up to speed. I'm into the rare, retro hard-to-find AF1's, Jordans, Dunks BAPES, etc etc. Who gets the better sneakers US or Japan? If so, why does one get better than the other? How often does Nike do JP exclusive releases. Is there anywhere to find out when these releases come out and how often a new version of an AF1, Dunk etc comes out? Are the prices more expensive in Japan or the US? If I was to go to Japan and pick up some ish that doesn't come out in the US what kind of resell value would they have. How easy is it for people in the US get their hands on exclusive releases in Japan? Only authentic of course. Any help is appreciated.

2 Weeks ago in Japan