A Music Video I Edited/CoDirected

A friend of mine did a track over xx- the intro - Made a video to it - just thought I'd show you guys https://vimeo.com/53670569 Let me know what you think. And yeah I'm in London. I also shot the video.

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Uselss Goons: Old Short

[Embed content] I made 2 cheesy action shorts last year while I was trying to practice VFX. I never finished the 1st vid up there cause of other projects! But figured I'd share them with you guys anyway. I filmed them on my old 550D/RebelT2i and that's it.

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Anyone Else Shoot Videos?

I was wondering if anyone here shoots any type video? I was visiting Houston the other day...and shot this quick "street" video for a friend. Would like y'alls opinion..and hope you guys can share some work with me as well! Thanks [Embed content]

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Some Music Videos I Shot

Been using my T2i for it's video capabilities lately rather than pictures..Just wanted to show you guys 2 videos I shot and would like your feedback... [URL]

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What program was used?

[URL] Or what combination of programs were used to put this together?

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Your Opinion On HDR Photography?

What do you guys think about it? I kind of like it. I don't think I'll do it much but I tried it out for the first time today and it came out okay. If you don't know about it check out [URL] << He's pretty good at it.

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Dumb question

iono what happened but my photoshop changed so now my workspace area is transparent even tho i still have the tools around the top left and right..but i cant stand workin like that cus my desktop is always full of icons..how do i change it back? thanks application frame* thanks

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Barcelona anyone?

I'm going out there to visit this summer hopefully. I'm trying to link up with a local or someone to tell me the best way to see what I need to see..avoid bs, and catch the real beauty rather than tourist stuff that I can probably skip!

2 Weeks ago in Europe

Other good photography communities?

I'm new to the game so I just wanted to know besides here a few other places to find photography information, converse with people, and learn more about photography? I know I can search by myself but I'm just seeing where you all go?

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