Lupe Fiasco - Old School Love ft. Ed Sheeran

Song is pretty fire! Brought the old school back! [URL]

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Starting a mixtape Site

[URL] Note: Give the mixtape some time to load please What up HB. A young goon trying to take out dat-piff. I want to make a real mixtape site. My idea is to bring back the nostalgic feeling you used to get when poppin in a mixtape on to your tape deck. You get the basic controls a tape player got: Play, Stop, Forward, Rewind, and Switch tape around. The artist would like little control because of the simple fact that the listener would have to listen to all the songs before they got to the one they wanted - Just like the golden age. This can also be a bad user experience for the listener. Who the fuck wants to listen to all the shitty songs right? There would be endless amounts of ways to make money. Sponsored mixtapes and cd advertisements like dat-piff and WSHH have. Artists would be able to upload their mixtape and tape cover easily. VOTE PLEASE! Should i invest my time on to this project?

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Help a brother out!

So this Wednesday i missed class because i decided to get drunk Tuesday night. I had completely forgotten about the only midterm exam i had. I emailed my professor to see if he can let me make it up. But hes asking for proper documentation. Advice? I'm thinking of faking a doctors note or even a plane ticket. I need some ideas! I know its my fault for missing but....FUCK!!! Its like throwing 2 stacks away if i cant get this settled! -------------------------------- Hey Mr. - - - - , I was not able to attend Wednesday afternoons class, which coincidentally, was the midterm session. I was wondering if there was any way i can make that up? Thanks --------------------------------- Hi - - - - -, Unless you can provide some appropriate documentation as to why you missed class I can't offer you a makeup. Best, George Sent from my mobile ----------------------------------

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Lupes new single? (VOL. Another lupe thread)

shit sounds amazing. sounds on some food & liquor flow, and the beat is mad chill. [URL]

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So, some friends and i have been talking about making an online "magazine" that ranges from social media-fashion-anything else. Sort of like a blog but in a an e-magazine form (where you can literally turn pages using flash scripts). We do have an intent to make money only on the google ads placed on the website (no ads on magazine) in which this online magazine can be found. I have been reading up on copyright legalities regarding using media that is not ours (i.e pictures/videos), like gettting a picture of shoes off of HB or highsnob. What i get from it is that we have to quote the owner of the picture? We wont be distributing this or selling actual copies. Its just a couple of graphic designers who want to make money for what we are doin. Anyone know how copyrights work?

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J.O.B-VOL. Get some!

Sooo, im looking for a job now since its summer. One problem. I dont know whether to put one of my former employer. I go fired for "stealing" something. One of the new girls that was working there snitched on me for taking a kit-kat at work and eating it. She tricked and i got fired. Do the employers look into the jobs ive had? I dont want to put it down because it might hurt me. I also dont want to not put it down because i dont know if they can see that i did work there and never put it down, it would seem fishy to them. What to do???? What do you guys know about this??? do they check?? what to do??

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Im in a pickle

adidas samba [URL]

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Art Books

Its a good idea as a graphic designer to have some art books laying around to gather ideas while working. And i dont mean Picasso type art. I mean Coffee table material modern trendy stuff. Anyone know of any good ones? Street Sketch book: -Seen it before and its pretty awesome [URL]

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Lupe Fiasco- Say something Freestyle

[URL] We just gonna keep it goin and goin, you know? Till I feel completed and happy about it. You know? Uh,, Opus of a ghetto boy who grew into a project man Bruster place, he used to stick his scissors in his sockets damn And clear that Project Runway, cause this is where my rocket lands Ain

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Im rich!

Ok not really. however, i just noticed that my citi credit card account has been accumulating alot of doe. I never knew my student credit card had a rewards to it. So When i log in to the rewards site, i have $603 saved up from the 3 or so years ive had it. The bad thing is that the gift cards are the only thing worth it. And the only gift cards worth getting are Macys, and sunglass hut. I want to end up with CASH in my pocket. Im thinking of getting them gift cards and buying shit and reselling for doe? Like Ray-ban/gucci/mosley/oakley sunglasses from sunglasshut? Or resseling handbags from macys?

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Mayweather vs Marquez

Mayweather vs Marquez 24/7 episode 1. [URL] Shits gona be a close fight but i think mayweather has this one.

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I need one for them rainy days. Any suggestions?

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Born to kill.....

Hey HB! so i made the bad decision of buying a 47 inch insignia lcd tv from best buy. It fucked up on me twice. And after 4 times i get a new tv. So Hb. How do i kill pixels on my tv? Or help me fuck it up two more times. Good thing i got the stupid warranty

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What would jesus do?

OK today my friend and i where having a conversation and we struck a little debate. I live in chicago, and juking is pretty popular down here. So my friend is saying that he used to get hard when he used to juke with chicks. I was like wtf?? I was telling him that your not supposed to get boners while you juke because you look like an idiot in front of a girl. My friend kept insisting that it would be natural because there's some chicks ass grinding on your willie (hahahha). I called him an idiot for getting hard while juking because its not like he is 15 and getting boners over that shit. For the record we are both 20. I want your opinion HB. And in before trollin and cool story bro.

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Backpacks with laptop pockets???

Goin back to school soon and im gona need a backpack with a pocket to stash my macbook in. Not looking to get them laptop bags. Sorta like this: [URL] But im not feeling those colors..Looking for black and white. But i am feeling that style tho and materials. Anyone know of any good ones

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