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40 oz nyc snapbacks stars legit check

None of these are fake. 40oz just decided to use cheaper quality snap backs to print or in this case sew on. They're all legit. The first batch of hats they made were the best quality with the tags seen on the first pic. Then they came out with the all black Givenchy ones and Balmain ones and they printed it with the tag that says "100% cotton twill". If im not mistaken those were really poor quality that fit extremely big. Now, the ones you can purchase at Kith or other sites are labeled 40oz on the tag. They went from being a small independent business with limited quantity hats to branching out and selling their products at wholesale values to other retailers. I don't think they'll ever go back to using the excellent quality hats. Theyre just in it for the money now. Its not the same.

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Official Store/Website Update Thread

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