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Let me get in on this... Boader Cafe's Blackened Chicken Jake One - White Van Music My L.A. Kings New Eras (The whole box of them) Chris getting a job at New Balance (Congrats homie) Royce 5'9s "Love Lock Down" remake, "Scrub Shot Down" Jimmy Fitz getting smashed by a taxi and getting back up and getting back on his bike shit... Alchemist f CNN - Follow the Dollar XXX Vitamin Water Jordan 6 Carmine House MD Black Milk - Losing Out (Crazzzzzy) Black socks (ankle, low cut and crew) V-Neck white tees ACG Gas prices dropping My President is black My Fomaposites are Eggplant Guilty Simpson - Ode to the Ghetto album Pistol Pete of ReUp shop visits Eating a $600 meal in Vegas with Chedda, Deon and Piniero THEN taking a limo to a liquor store that looked like the one in the movie Super Bad THEN Deon proceeding to tote the 40 oz of OE bought at that spot into the 3 zillion dollar a night NBA Hard Wood Suite as if he was diddy boppin through Brockton. True Blood on HBO Brek.One bodying Concepts events Jadakiss Criminal Minded 2008 - Krs-One & Premo Beyonce - Single Ladies (Video.... god damn) Lebron 6 and the Kobe 4 (Not just saying it because I've seen nice pictures... I rock these heavy) La Coka Nostra - Thats Coke (Video) Zoey Deschanel (yeah... I don't know why...) Quantum of Solace NSW gear Fresh pair of Timbs (the equivalent of a fresh haircut) Prodigy - Product of the 80's album Bun B - Black Friday Family Guy Polo (Polo, Polo Golf, RRL, Black Watch), peace to Ralphy and Chedda's Polo connect... See you in 09

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