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[Costume National] 2008 Discussion Thread

Any fans here? Alongside BoO, they're becoming one of my favorites. I really want to pick up a pair of their brogue style shoes I saw awhile ago. In fact, the only thing about them I find underwhelming is the awful music on their website. Hit the mute button. [URL]

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Hated Hypebeast Staples

Everyone has some. Gear that get tons of wear and praise but just looks gruesome to you. There's nothing stranger than seeing what you think may be the ugliest pair of Vans to ever hit shelves and then have everyone pile on the love. What are some of your most hated hypebeast mainstays? Mine: -Those awful Rogue status gun print tees. Rogue Status blows in general but these are particularly heinous. -FBT shakers. Those fucking plaid prints. On some serious Raggedy Andy level. -Higher-end sneakers. Luckily this trend is a little too pricey to really break out, but it still gets a mention. Dell Aqua, Raf, Lavin, those guido Dior ones, all just fall short. These designers should realize that sneakers are one arena where the plebian classics reign supreme. -W)taps shirts. Their mill-inspired gear seems quality but those fucking crossbones are awful. The long sleeves with the bones going down each sleeve looks like an ICP shirt. Okay, now you go.

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Stone Island

Any thoughts? Some nice stuff. I want to pick up one of their jackets, get my inner terrace hooligan on.

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Sperry Topsiders

Anyone aware of a store in Toronto that stocks these? I've been wanting a pair of the brown boat shoes for a while. I know they're available readily online but I want to avoid that if possible. Thanks.

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