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[DIAMOND SUPPLY CO.] - 2013 Discussion Thread

[Quote]Those MM have over 100 watches right now on the bay... Good luck to all btw regarding the LARGES there were only L in the CAI and some of the other shirts no MMs in L they were mistaken.  I also have an extra Tiff MM in XL however it has a stain that im getting cleared. Also all the shirts were never washed and never worn. Thanks again fellas... havent been on HB for awhile if the old forums were up you could see our old DSC competitions back when Nick used to frequent this place.....

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[Diamond Supply Co.] - 2009 Discussion Thread.

[Quote] daaaamn denim...

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Luxury Luggage (duffle bags)

gucci [Quote] not really your duffel bag but works good for my laptop n brown paper bag money.. [URL]

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