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Blood & crips fight at JIM JONES show in LA


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Ya Boy - RockstarTV HOT IMPORT NIGHTS Los Angeles


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Ya Boy - RockstarTV funny stuff


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what type of effect(s) are done on this photo?

[Image] A LOT more examples here [URL] at first i thought it was hdr but hdr doesnt really look like that.. any help will be great..thanks

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Aww Crap, Read This

first off please ignore all the errors n shit i dont need to hear it..blushing alright check it. long story imma try to sum it up. (its a good one you guys will like it haha) about 5 months back one of my boys invited me to a party that was in the straight hood. (FIRST MISTAKE) we went had fun got drunk party was over. as we were leaving some mother fucker comes up to me saying i need to talk to you n shit i was just trying to avoid him cause he looked like a straight cholo. so this foo grabs my arm n shit, now dont get me wrong im like 6'2 230lbs i woulda knocked this guys head off, but as soon as he grabbed my arm he pulls a gun out points it to my stomach everyone runs. he's like give me your shit so i gave him all my shit. took all my cash watch jewelry i was pretty pissed. after this i was like fuck it i want my shit back so the only thing that came to mind call the bitch ass police...so i did haha..suprisingly they called me back found this bitch still at the same spot he ran into his gf house n they went after him. long story short they beat the shit outta him and they gave me my shit back. so a couple weeks after that i hear from my boy that lives around there that the mother fuckers girlfriend is trying to find out who we are that she went to the pad where the party was at asking all these questions. now i was pretty worried but i was like fuck it she'll never find me i live like 30 mi away from their hood..couple days later i come home..THE GUYS GIRLFRIEND IS WAITING FOR ME INFRONT OF MY HOUSE!! fuck mother fucker so she found me..so whatever she's been cool just asking to please say its not him if i go to court or w/e n i was like fuck it ill be nice n say yea i dont remember who it was..she got my # n all that we've talked acouple times since.. she called me once asking again to please say it wasn't him n i was like who told you where i live..she said one of her ex's works for lapd n gave her my info..fuckin dirty bastards so this was all like 3 months ago. this whole time ive been thinking fuck it its cool im not even gonna get involved the popo's dont need to talk to me anymore no one has contacted me in months TODAY the detective calls me saying i have go to a line up and i gotta come tomorrow..next thing i know the girl calls me saying please can i show you a picture of him so you dont say who he is.. DAMN WTF DO I DO IM SO GOD DAMN CONFUSED

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Name one movie you'd recommend

someone to watch.. yea just 1

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90's fits..

goin to a 90's themed party.. lookin for some ideas.. [B]lets see some fits from the 90's..doesn't have to be your own..[/B] ill start with one i liked [Image] haha

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anyone know what sunglasses these are?

last episode of the hills haha yea they're nice shades.. i thought they were raybans but they seem a bit thicker..anyone know? [Image] thanks

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Acapulco Gold in LA area

what stores carry Acapulco Gold around LA.. i know union should...but anywhere else? lookin to pick one of these up. [Image] thanks guys

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