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Most Efficient Shopping Route in NYC

im making my way to NYC this wed and would like to know a good route to take to hit up majority of the shops to cop some kicks, denim, or whatever for the summer. do u guys know a good route to take to hit up a lot of stores in the most effecient manner? im trying to hit up stores like Atrium, Stussy, Nom de Guerre, and odein to name a few. 1...

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PRPS hoodies and tees

anyone know of any sites that sell PRPS tees, hoodies, and m-65s?? I got 3 pairs of their jeans and loving their line. thanks.

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Cool Experiments to Distress Jeans

Post some cool ways to distress (raw/selvedge) jeans artificially. Pictures would dope if u have done it. I know this isnt the way to go about distressing raw/selvedge, you need to let it contort to your body, unwashed, stain sweat, blood, piss, beer on them... blah blah.... leave wallet, dip, cig case, phone, erection creases.. blah blah. But I wanna hear some creative ideas it can be funny and sarcastic I dont care. Ill start it off... Wrap your jeans around your car tire using different size, angle, and designs of duct-tape to keep the jeans intact around the tire. Then drive around the block a few time... do a couple donuts, burnouts, etc... then rotate and repeat.

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MIKE23 fit???

how do the Mike zip up hoodies fit? how do they fit compared to the the new crooks hoodies? or the new hundreds pin hoody? i rock a large.

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Supra Raider Low lookin like black SB Supremes?

I just copped a pair of Supra Raider Lows in Elephant Black today at my local shop and they just caught my eyes so i copped them not thinking about how much they looked like the Black SB Cement Supremes. I wasnt going to skate in them but now im thinking otherwise because of the similarities. The material used for the cement print also seems very durable and "gripy" for skating. But then again there are mad "plays" of other well known brands. Im mad confused on what i should do. Should i beat dem da fuck up? What do u guys think? here is a link to the pic of the shoe [URL]

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SB online retailers

can anyone tell me a good online retailer with SB accts besides vintage kicks, CCS, and commonwealth?

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Street Wear/Sneaker Magazine

What is a good streetwear/sneaker/culture magazine that they sell at like Barnes and Noble or whatever besides Kicks, Complex, and Sole? U guys know of any websites i can get subscriptions?

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Hundreds Pins Hoodie Customizable?

I just recently purchased the Hundreds Pins hoodie. Do you guys know if its customizable like the back and white paisley hoodie?

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TK and Lupe "Beef"

im a fan of both of them but whats the deal with these two? they are suppose to show it on "Beef" on BET sometime next week. speaking of TK, any of you guys order the hoodie from CCS? are they implying that u can preorder? if u know, a PM would be much appreciated.

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