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Stock clear out on extrct!

Everything's 60% off, thought you guys would like to know! [URL]

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OFFICIAL Toronto Shopping Guide

My little seasonal basics store is on sale with erthang 60% off. In Toronto meetups can be arranged! kxvn.co@gmail.com www.extrct.com

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it's a tilt shift blur done usually with a tilt shift lens, but through editing you can create relatively real results. This sums it up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJJYbO1OVcM

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Is a Macbook really worth it?

Hey dude I used to be a die hard windows fan, 3 years ago I was forced to convert to apple workflow for a video project for Sennheiser. Let me tell you, it's more than worth it. OSX is insanely user friendly, especially if you are interested in cinematography. Windows doesn't stand near in this sense. The macbook itself is certainly over priced if you are looking at a windows machine of the same specs, but it is the engineering of the overall laptop that the money goes to on the macbook. Windows laptops required me to cycle through them at least 1 every two years, this 15 inch 2010 through a few upgrades I can say will be lasting me for at least 2 more years no problem at all.

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