Lev Tanju

Founder of Palace Skateboards
  • F Fashion
  • F Footwear
Lev Tanju
Jess Gough/DAZED

  • NationalityUnited Kingdom
  • Age30
  • DisciplineFashion and Footwear

Seven years in and Lev Tanju’s Palace Skateboards has positioned itself from an on-the-rise skate company into a bonafide fashion phenomena. Easily one of the UK’s most revered streetwear brands, Palace as lead by Tanju, keep closely to its core ethos of creating pieces in support of skate culture — furthermore producing merchandise of sentimental value rather than what will sell. Upon graduating college, Tanju spent the next decade honing his skills on a board, but somehow knew deep down he was meant for more. Initially starting off designing deck graphics, the South London native parlayed that into his own company — deriving the brand name as a fun poke at the less than stellar accommodations he succumbed to growing up. Today, Palace Skateboards boasts an international profile which goes on to include such noteworthy collaborations alongside the likes of Reebok, adidas and Umbro, amongst others. As a kid growing up in London tuned into the latest and greatest American made apparel, Lev Tanju’s journey to the top was all in realization of a dream. A dream to rock authentic British gear designed specifically for his skater lifestyle.

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