Kyle Ng

Co-founder of Brain Dead
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Kyle Ng

  • NationalityAmerican
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Kyle Ng is the co-founder of Brand Dead, a brand he works on with Ed Davis and, despite being a relative streetwear newcomer, he’s already been behind two successful brands: tech-sportswear label AXS Technology and accessories brand Farm Tactics, the latter of which collaborated with Levi’s before Ng decided to shutter the label.
Ng is now known for Brain Dead, the label bringing back a thoughtfulness back to the world of graphic tees which had been cheapened by oversaturation since the advent of image curation blogs. Brain Dead circumvents that assumption by taking their research to far deeper levels than usual.
“A strong graphic tee needs to mean something. They usually convey a small visual representation of who you are,” said Ng in our interview with him. Brain Dead goes that one step further than most by working with the people responsible for the ephemera he’s interested in. For instance, his latest drop includes a T-shirt created in collaboration with the artist behind the Ghanaian renditions of classic movie posters that the brand was originally influenced by. It’s this level of detail that keeps Brain Dead ahead of the pack when it comes to new streetwear brands.

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