Jake Phelps

Editor at Thrasher
  • S Skateboarding
  • M Media
Jake Phelps
Tobin Yelland

  • NationalityAmerican
  • Age54
  • DisciplineSkateboarding and Media

This year, we saw skateboarding unwillingly get pushed into the mainstream in huge ways; it’s officially been deemed a sport by the Olympics, and named one of the hottest new fashion trends of the year by people who don’t skate. With that said, it’s an important time to look back and acknowledge one of the most authentic figures in the scene, Jake Phelps. As editor of the monthly “skate bible” Thrasher Magazine, Phelps has been credited with developing the publication’s overall narrative and tone, which is punk, anti-establishment and inspired by years of living outside the law in a drug-filled, pre-tech San Francisco.

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