Guillaume Philibert

Founder and Creative Director of Filling Pieces
  • F Footwear
Guillaume Philibert

  • NationalityDutch
  • Age26
  • DisciplineFootwear

Guillaume Philibert’s Filling Pieces brand has come a long way since 2009. Since its inception, the Amsterdam-based footwear imprint has set the standard for “mid-priced” luxury sneakers – customers get the same impeccable quality as some of the high-fashion legacy houses, but without the insanely astronomical price tags. In 2016, Philibert introduced the ‘Inner Circle’ range, which promises progressive silhouettes with the same construction philosophies as the label’s main line. The collection offers innovative features like the use of rubberized neoprene and non-traditional lacing systems. There are no boundaries for his new endeavor and it will be exciting to see where the concept moves forward in years to come.

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