Detroit Anyone??

Nov 17, 2008 @ 00:27
Jesus @ all that crooks.. that's heat guess I gotta make a trip up 2 mtvn lol

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Nov 17, 2008 @ 20:51
rogue holiday 08
Remember to use the code FEESHIP to get free shipping!


Nov 18, 2008 @ 17:44
New Updates @ REVIVE
Staple Holiday 08

Lemar & Dauley Fall Holiday 08

Reason Fall 08

More updates @ Phone orders are accepted. PM me if you need to buy.
Nov 19, 2008 @ 17:39
Nov 20, 2008 @ 01:19
BLUE Friday Sale @ Motivation!
Since the students are out of town next week for Black Friday, we decided to move our Black Friday Sale up one week and call it the BLUE Friday Sale! Its going on for a few days too, so today or tomorrow make sure you stop by Motivation for some steals on new merchandise...check the deals going on in the flyer below!

Nov 21, 2008 @ 03:54
Play Cloths Release @ Motivation!
We are happy to be one of about 50 worldwide stockists of The Clipse's new clothing line, Playcloths, and the line is releasing TODAY at Motivation! The line is clean & simple and the quality on everything is superb. Check out what all we got in stock below and stop in if you are looking for something because sizes will sell out quickly!

Play Cloths - PC Basic T-Shirt Black (S-3XL)

Play Cloths - PC Basic T-Shirt White (S-XL)

Play Cloths - PC Basic T-Shirt Red (S-XL)

Play Cloths - Exclamation T-Shirt (S-3XL)

Play Cloths - Fridge T-Shirt (S-3XL)

Play Cloths - Play Key T-Shirt (S-XL)

Play Cloths - Latchkey Polo Black (S-3XL)

Play Cloths - Orchid Crewneck Sweatshirt (S-XL)

Play Cloths - Bee's Knees Hoody Grey (S-3XL)

Play Cloths - 30 Below Knit Hat (One Size Fits All)

Play Cloths - Applesauce Fitted Hat (7 1/4 - smokeyface

Play Cloths - Beeswax Fitted Hat (7 1/4 - smokeyface

Play Cloths - Keys Belt (S - L)

Play Cloths - Our Gang Belt (S - L)

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Dec 01, 2008 @ 20:14

Dec 03, 2008 @ 15:42
Dec 09, 2008 @ 03:19
Crooks & Castles Holiday 2008 Accessories @ Motivation!
We just got in the Holiday 08 Crooks & Castles Accessories at Motivation. The quality on these pieces is superb, especially on the Utility Check Bag which is a must-see in person. It features 6 outside pockets with heavy duty zippers and metal zipper pulls, leather accents, and a satin liner inside with hidden pockets to protect all your goods. Check out detailed photos below or at the store -- we also ship anywhere, so if you need anything email/call us or just PM me!

Crooks & Castles - Bellagio Bi-Fold Wallet Black Leather

Crooks & Castles - Monte Carlo Bi-Fold Zip Wallet Hunter Green Leather

Crooks & Castles - Monte Carlo Bi-Fold Zip Wallet Navy Leather

Crooks & Castles - Utility Check Back Pack Black

Crooks & Castles - Utility Check Duffel Bag Black

Crooks & Castles - Utility Check Bag Black

Dec 11, 2008 @ 03:00
Custom Team New Eras @ Motivation!
We just got in our first custom color team New Eras at Motivation! Each hat represents a team from one of the 3 owners' hometown and then we did the U of M one because thats where we are now. We have them in sizes 7 through 8 available in store now!

Teal/Black/Metallic Silver Pittsburgh Penguins Vintage

Navy/Red/Metallic Silver Cleveland Cavaliers Hardwood Classic

Charcoal/Grey/Royal Blue/Metallic Silver Yankees

Black/Red/Metallic Silver University of Michigan "Classic M"

Dec 15, 2008 @ 15:06
First Custom Drop @ DOME located in REVIVE

Dec 27, 2008 @ 18:46
Jan 02, 2009 @ 14:36
For those that dont know on new years eve from 11-2 and everything in the store was 80%, if you came in during 11:00-11:10 you got handed an 80% off ticket to give, if you came in at 11:10- 11:20 you got 70% off and 11:20-11:30 you got 60% and after 11:30 everything was 50%. The line formed started to form at 8:00am and then there was a line in the store to pay, the wait to pay was an hour and half, shit was crazy.

Pictures are not really in order, theres before pics, during, and the line. i have before and after video which will be up by the end of the weekend

Jan 08, 2009 @ 13:41
Jan 28, 2009 @ 00:25
Super Bowl Sale @ Motivation!
Let me resurrect this thread from the dead...

We had been telling some of you that if our favorite team, the Steelers, made it to the Super Bowl that we would be having a sale, and they did so here it is! This Wednesday January 28th through Saturday January 31st you can enjoy the following savings at Motivation:

-Buy One Get One 50% Off On Men's T-Shirts from 10.Deep, Alife, Crooks & Castles, Mishka, Rocksmith, Play Cloths and more!

-Buy One Get One 50% Off on ALL Women's Clothing!
(excludes Married to the Mob items)

We don't have sales often and these items will only be on sale for 4 days, so make sure you dont wait till the last minute as sizes will sell out! Please note the 50% off discount will be taken off the lower priced item. See the flyer below for more details and GO STEELERS!

Jan 28, 2009 @ 19:22
Sup Mike and The Motivation Fam!!!
Feb 05, 2009 @ 02:32
Little Brother Meet & Greet @ Motivation FRIDAY!
We got word last minute that hip hop duo Little Brother wanted to do an in-store meet & greet, so come on down to Motivation this Friday from 4PM to 5PM to meet them! Make sure to bring your camera and copies of their latest album "And Justus For All..." to get autographed.

We will have sounds provided by Dj Graffiti and we will also be releasing our latest collaboration t-shirt which we did this time with Sugarcraft (formerly Cake Clothing)! It is our Motivation version of their famous "Party & BS" t-shirt and there were only 50 made -- you can get a peak of it on the flyer below. We hope to see you there!

Mar 12, 2009 @ 19:22
New Drop at Dome
Inspired after the Boy Scouts.

Sizes 7 1/8- 8 Available.
Call 248-594-6505 for ordering or email

May 26, 2009 @ 01:39
Detroit where the fuck you at?

Jun 02, 2009 @ 02:46
tough finding stuff in detroit..
Jul 07, 2009 @ 12:15
MI peeps, wth? this thread is dead...


Jul 08, 2009 @ 20:27

Ann Arbor Art Fair coming up, hella deals downtown Ann Arbor
Jul 09, 2009 @ 10:05
i might go to the art fair and see whats up. plus, i've never been, so i want to see heck be goin on.


Jul 09, 2009 @ 16:37
its aight, cool to walk and around and just chill.

good food, music, deals, etc.

worth going to if your in the lower half of the state
Jul 12, 2009 @ 02:02
We have our biggest sale of the year during art fair, details will be out on our blog, etc. tomorrow!

Jul 19, 2009 @ 12:33
i wish I wasnt gone, would have stopped by motivation for sure

support the local stores!
Aug 09, 2009 @ 18:08
? Whats going dwon Detroit ?
Aug 11, 2009 @ 21:35
not a damn thing...

ay, do any of ya'll know where to cop some nice NB's around here?


Aug 11, 2009 @ 22:56
uhhhh, I think Footprints in downtown on campus has NB's
Aug 15, 2009 @ 23:15
i went to footprints like a month ago. all they had was a bunch of basic NB's, nothing special. idk, they might re-stock or somethin soon.


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