Hello, I am a marketing analyst and have worked with several clients from start-ups to well-established organizations. Being a marketing specialist, I have experienced a lot of things and have failed several times but constant determination kept me going in a straight direction and now I am the marketing lead in a top seo agency in the USA. Well, I have joined this community to share my advice with the SEO's who are still striving to get succeeded in the digital era of the online marketing industry. To those who are always looking out for clear-cut suggestions in order to rank the websites they are working on, here are few essentials to keep your website optimized in top pages of the search engine. As we all know, content is king but it might seem surprising to you that engagement is queen, and queen rules the house. So I would rather say, focus on creating a content that boosts user-engagement more specifically. Now, a reader is always of a hassle, if he/she finds your content boring or irrelevant at any point, they will simply jump off to another site which might be your competitor. Therefore, my first advice to you is to emphasize on writing a user-engaging content to help improve your visitors stay rate on the website. Another common yet effective tactic to follow in order to keep your website optimized is to deliver the best user-experience out of your website appearance. As the more organized your content is maintained, it will help users take interest in scrolling and clicking the CTA buttons at your website. Now, even search engine prioritize websites that implement structured data while coding their website as it gives a clean and professional impression to the search engine bots and you will notice a great improvement in the site-usability. Hope this guide helps you gain exposure, feel free to let me know with your comments below.