DopeHut is an online streetwear store based out of the SF Bay Area. Our mission is to open minds and do good. We believe companies have the duty to do good; not just minimize harm. At DopeHut our goal is to do things the right way; even if it isn't the easiest way. We believe providing an amazing customer experience and helping the world is just a smart thing to do.

Mission Statement:
DopeHut’s mission is to promote creativity and be idealistic. The ideal should should benefit all stakeholders: customers, clients, employees, partners, investers, the environment, and society. We believe that consistently doing the right thing will naturally lead to long-term success.

DopeHut's goal is to create a permanently "non-evil" corporation; a corporation that does more good than bad. As a Benefit Corporation, DopeHut is able to incorporate social and environmental goals into its business model. Help DopeHut create a new standard for sustainable businesses.

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