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EPL discussion thread

Feb 19, 2009 @ 12:25
Man u FTW
Feb 21, 2009 @ 12:33
WTF. Arsenal are absolutely useless.
Feb 21, 2009 @ 12:48
Lolol Kuszczak got scored on....gaggle my balls ManU
Feb 21, 2009 @ 16:34
What's Mansion odds? Because I see as a clear possibility. They get results even when getting pressured on as we saw today.
Feb 22, 2009 @ 02:00
Feb 23, 2009 @ 01:20
Why does everyone hate on Nani? Am I the only one that sees through his sparks of genious? He delivers when needed and is learning day in and out from one of the greatest of this generation, Giggs himself. He will develop into that stable left winger we want so in the end it will be:

4 on the back
2 on the middle
2 on the wings
2 on the front

'Untouchables' like the voyeur claimed.
Feb 23, 2009 @ 02:38
Why does everyone hate on Nani?

I was asking that myself.
Feb 23, 2009 @ 09:21
Why does everyone hate on Nani? Am I the only one that sees through his sparks of genious? He delivers when needed and is learning day in and out from one of the greatest of this generation, Giggs himself. He will develop into that stable left winger we want so in the end it will be:

4 on the back
2 on the middle
2 on the wings
2 on the front

'Untouchables' like the voyeur claimed.

-holds on to the ball too long
-does not produce anything postive....(except for the occasional cracker of a goal)
-forces things at times
-tries to do too much himself

lol i might have said the same thing 4 different ways... he is an alright winger.....but those are the problems in my opinion.

wow as the season drags on villa's chances of champions league play seems to be getting better and better....

OMG inter vs united match up is making my mouth water seriously....
Feb 23, 2009 @ 09:33
I really hope Blackburn don't get relegated smh . Benni and Diouf better pick it up. I wish Santa Cruz had been transferred though.

I don't give a shit about WBA, Middlesborough, and Stoke so I want them to be relegated, ideally.

i don't think blackburn is gonnah get relegated there is just too much quality on the team...

my picks for relegation
west brom and hull
Feb 23, 2009 @ 14:31
When Nani holds on to the ball he usually gets through the defender that's on his path to either run down the middle outside the box OR get a very-well aimed and delivered cross into the box. He also fits into the squad well as Scholes/Carrick/Evra/Ronaldo/Rooney/Tevez/Berbs know where to move as they know where the next pass will be delivered. His play is similar to Ronaldo's minus the tricks and extra skills Ronaldo posseses. The only problem I personally see is that he's too selfish and proved it at the end of last and the beggining of this season. When he's playing down the middle and has a shot he will take it. I've seen several situations where Rooney will calm him out on the shot he fucked up on because he could have made a nice through-pass instead. If he worked on his shot and delivery he'd fit the perfect role and people would praise him more often. So his greatest strenght also has his weakness so I don't think it will be too hard for him to work at as he's proved time and time again that he has improved on that stinging shot. He just doesn't get enough games as Ferguson has the option of playing Park on the right and Ronaldo on the left so I understand why Nani isn't getting the minutes. The depth in the squad is what doesn't allow some players to display their full efforts, but that is also the beauty of what United is at the moment, a resourceful monster in the attack.
Feb 23, 2009 @ 18:42
nani skill set is much like ronaldos when he first came to united. but i see nani as a more conventional winger rather than ronaldos ability to play as a striker at times. nani is selfish and cannot cross for shit. these are traits which great coaching can get rid of but nani just isnt not progressing. saf moved giggs almost permanently to the middle of the park and nani just has to battle park for time but with tosac here now and ljaic coming next season the wings will get crowded.

to me nani and anderson are at the moment disappointments. i dont feel sorry for them they came to united with big price tags and sadly youth in todays game does not get much time to pick it up especially at united. sell nani i want ashley young!

as for inter its going to be a tough tie.
Feb 26, 2009 @ 10:26

I didn't know Rio Ferndinand had his own show, Merk'd, England's version of Punk'D.
Feb 26, 2009 @ 14:29
Yeah, this was all for the '06 World Cup. He played Rooney, James, Beckham, and others.

As for Nani, I watch several games featuring him and his crosses are up-par. He's provided several assists through his crosses, the best example I can give is the FA Cup tie between Man Utd/Arsenal where he single-handedly dominated that game. He provided two crosses from the left AND scored a cracker of a goal. He's pretty "old" for someone that's supposed to be considered the "new" Ronaldo, but I feel Ferguson and Giggs will develop him in due time. As for Anderson, his role was changed from what he played at Porto. He didn't score much at Porto either if that's how you want to assess his improvement. To me, he's not only a holder in the Midfield, but a decent playmaker in his own right. He fights for the ball much like Tevez, Rooney, and Park and will even tackle for a ball if needed. To me, the value for such quality will only have positive effects in the long run as Ferguson has added depth and overall different options for different opposition in all fronts.
Feb 26, 2009 @ 15:33
You're no playing^^^ smokeyfacesmokeyface
Feb 26, 2009 @ 17:10
I don't even like Man U, but I like Nani, Rafael (Man U's upcoming star).
Feb 28, 2009 @ 18:27
You're no playing^^^ smokeyfacesmokeyface

Feb 28, 2009 @ 18:36
lol at liverpool today.
Mar 04, 2009 @ 08:09
Watch out, Man U.
Mar 04, 2009 @ 14:40
two games in hand and 5 points ahead.

fuck off!
Mar 04, 2009 @ 16:06
^^Correction. 7 with a game in hand. The title is getting closer and closer.
Mar 04, 2009 @ 22:12
Looks like Villa's luck is running out; I think they'll definitely drop points and probably fall to 5th by the end of the season. It's too bad, cause I think they deserve a UCL spot, but I think the Arse may finally find their rhythm.
Mar 07, 2009 @ 13:58
Wembley again?! What what!!

Yeah, that game ended before the 90th. Fulham provided to much space for Tevez/Rooney and got punished. Kinda sad, but then again. United won and that's all that matters currently. Inter and the Pool up next so Fergie is watching out for his star players.
Mar 07, 2009 @ 16:00
anything can happen but our domestic treble looks like its going to happen. liverpool dosent scare me but chelsea is starting to pick up steam.
Mar 14, 2009 @ 08:44
It's a shame how United conceded those two goals. Serious props to Torres for that cool finish. Also, props to Liverpool for creating those two goal opportunities...wait...there I go again with that sarcasm of mine.

Seriously though, I'm fucking steaming in the coolest of ways. Oxymoron...I know. Fucking Vidic man, I love you man but fuuuuuuuck! It happens though, and teams like United get up and play on.
Mar 14, 2009 @ 13:29
it's cool i was steamed too but we'll bounce back. all the hype and all that about this game and Man Utd. didn't really show up. it's ok we are still ahead and have a game at hand so it's no big deal. Liverpool had to win and that's what they did.
Mar 15, 2009 @ 21:08
You don't know how much shit I got online, through texts, and around my area. I even got called a prawn sandwich eater...TWICE! Took major offense but in the end it's all good though as I battled back through explicit knowledge and shut the haters down.

Now to get my mind off the loss and ask if anyone's been keeping up with Spurs, more specifially Aaron Lennon. The kid's a fucking beast down the right. I don't understand why he isn't being hyped up like other overrated players during transfer windows and such. His speed allows him to bypass first and second tier defenders and through his abilities is able to handle such a physical demanding league like the Premiership. I wouldn't mind seeing him on either wing along with Walcott for England, and with Ronaldo at Man Utd. I mean, having him, Nani, Tosic, Park, and Ljajic in constant rotation would be beyong unimaginable as they would have different ways in controlling the wings. Reason I didn't put Giggs in that list is because he's at his peak of his career and although he doesn't look like he's slowing time, you still have to consider age a factor and use that to considering his retirement.


Had to add this to back my opinion towards Lennon, but did anyone watch the Carling Cup final where he played against Evra. He had Evra beat twice through space just inside the box. It was amazing as beating Evra is no easy feat. Again, just wanted put that out there. Also, no disrespect towards Evra as I only hold respect and admiration towards (IMO) the greatest Wing Back so far.
Mar 16, 2009 @ 11:51
fuck liverpool.... fuck rafa benitiz... didn't watch the game but fergie said that we were the better team...i believe him>smh... only thing that pisses me off was that we lost at Old TRAFFORD...we got a pretty easy schedule comming up so title should be comming our way... lord plz don't let me jinx anything...(knock on wood)

side note OMG everygame they play at OT there is 75000 plus in attendence, fuck thats crazy

only game i did watch was arsenal/blackburn.... not a fan of arsenal but a huge fan of GREAT football.. and arsenal played some beautiful football this past weekend.... AA was the fucking man down the left.... him walcot and adbayor are going to be quite an attacking force come next season....
Mar 16, 2009 @ 14:22
He's half a boy and half a girl, Torres, Torres
He looks just like a transvestite, Torres, Torres
He wears a frock, he loves the c*ck, he sells his arse on Albert Dock
Fernando Torres, Carragher's bit on the side...
Mar 16, 2009 @ 16:31
my god the things i would do to watch a manchester united game at old trafford....
Mar 17, 2009 @ 01:01
^^Right?! In due time my friend...
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