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Andrew Boguts Comments about NBA Stars

Jul 02, 2007 @ 13:57
Originally posted by Inactive User

Originally posted by Inactive User
"The public's image of NBA players is true. A lot of them get caught up in the hype and do video clips with rappers and all that crap. They want bling bling all over themselves and drive fast cars. But that's just the way the culture is in America - if you've got it flaunt it and if you don't, you can't."

"I'm not into jewellery. I've got some earrings but they're not too expensive. There are guys who drop a hundred grand for a chain. The public's got it right - a lot of NBA stars are arrogant and like to spend lots of money and have lots of girlfriends and all that."

What do you think, I think he's rather dumb but right at the sametime.
Jul 03, 2007 @ 14:56
Jul 03, 2007 @ 23:49
he's just jealous. he's going to go down with the likes of Kwame Brown and Michael Olokowandi as the biggest #1 selection busts
Jul 03, 2007 @ 23:59
well at least he didnt go the extra step and say something racist....

but we all know who he's talkin' bout
Jul 04, 2007 @ 04:02
went to high school with the dude, he was a little bitch!
Jul 04, 2007 @ 12:06
Bogut plays center right? so what are they gonna do with he and yi?
Jul 04, 2007 @ 18:40
What makes you think this dude is lying.

Hes already in the NBA and getting paid millions of dollars, why would he complain for no reason.

The NBA is on its way to being like baseball if they dont figure out how to make it less about money, acting like you got fouled when you didnt, and shoes.
Jul 05, 2007 @ 12:29
Yi is a forward.
Jul 14, 2007 @ 13:12
Yi said that he won't play for the Bucks. They drafted him to trade him.

As for bogut, he's young and playing fairly well. maybe not the next great center, but he'll always do alright.
Aug 01, 2007 @ 13:52
i wouldnt buy a lot of jewlery but i would have a different car for every part of the day for every day of the week monday morning bently gt afternoon slr night f430
Aug 01, 2007 @ 14:09
he is absolutely right.

giving that much money to young men does some strange things. our culture is about consumption, and excess.
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