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Jun 07, 2012 @ 05:59

To all my fellow basketball enthusiasts, it is time for us to save this magnificent sport that is so dear to our hearts. It is time for us, as NBA fans, to stand up to David Stern and this travestied version of the game he is creating.

A game that was once about skills, physical ability, and basketball IQ, is now about WHICH TEAMS DO THE REFS HELP MORE. And if games aren’t rigged, they are nonetheless negatively affected by this modern style of reffing that somehow doesn’t allow grown men that hit the gym everyday to deliver even "kittens cuddling" level of contact upon each other.

This isn’t about rigged games as much as it is about incompetent and overdone reffing. Although, admittedly, the former is what urged me to start this page.

All I ask is for you, fans of the beautiful sport of basket-ball and supporters of fairness, ethicality and just good ol’ entertainment, to join me in this protest and NOT WATCH THE 2012 NBA FINALS in order to send a message to Mr. Stern:

We want our NBA back.

Thank you.


Jun 07, 2012 @ 12:32
WWE is the last real sport remaining in America.

Maybe even the world.

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