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What Kind of shoes do you workout in??

Sep 20, 2006 @ 14:14
for those that workout or hit the gym on the regular...what kind of kicks do you rock?
right now i'm rockin Black Cement NL Air Max 1s
Sep 20, 2006 @ 19:44
I work out here and there, I prefer going barefoot. I do so at home, however most places won't allow that. For hockey I had to go to the gym regularly by the trainers I liked wearing Nike Frees.

The 5.0 trainers... I know they have some new ones now but I feel they are too clunky. Same with normal runners, they are way too big and clunky, I have also read that running barefoot is better for your feet as it makes them stronger where runners ruin them with the big midsoles...

Either way, I just prefer something light like frees or barefoot...

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Sep 20, 2006 @ 19:55
^ i go barefoot too, unless im on the cardio equipment( treadmill, stationary bike, etc). But when i do freeweights and all my toning and condtiioning exercises i go barefoot, feels a lot more comfortable to me. I guess I'll have to buy a pair of soes to work out in though since I've finally convinced our school to spend some money and let me put together a workout room, can anyone suggest something light and comfortable that is relatively inexpensive?
Sep 20, 2006 @ 20:48
gotta love the new balance 574's and my puma cabana racers

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Sep 20, 2006 @ 21:59
Air max 95's

They make my feet feel pain free lmao
Sep 20, 2006 @ 22:51
shox R4s
Sep 20, 2006 @ 23:25
I wear my old pumas
Sep 21, 2006 @ 00:11
beaters but to run the nike frees are the best. they work ur feet and calves up real hard and it pays off.
Sep 23, 2006 @ 09:39
Asics 1110 except for anything that requires lateral movement.
Sep 24, 2006 @ 04:33
Nike presto's are the shit but i've had them for prolly over 5 years and are kinda falling apart so lately i've been wearing my am360s
Sep 24, 2006 @ 18:28
jordan black and red XIII
Sep 25, 2006 @ 01:14
air max 90s and air max 180s
Sep 26, 2006 @ 23:40
black air stabs
Oct 03, 2006 @ 22:29
running in nike free 5.0 trainers and nike 2:40 shox...
...you gotta check out the new free's...so much nicer, they don't fall apart or rip.
Oct 05, 2006 @ 11:19
Nike 2k5's
Oct 08, 2006 @ 15:46
when running i gotta have some type of air max on my feet, and when i hit the weights i like having some j's
Oct 18, 2006 @ 09:47
i don twork out i play ball sooo im usually wearing my midwest 19s ugly as fuck but great ankle support and really stable

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Oct 20, 2006 @ 00:57
Oct 26, 2006 @ 17:39
beater neon 95's
Nov 05, 2006 @ 04:40
i work out in my infared am90s
Nov 07, 2006 @ 03:13
I always workout and play ball in Jordans but some air max enforcers would be nice if I had them.
Dec 13, 2006 @ 02:57
>New Balance 991s for general training.

>Jordan XIV for basketball.

>Vince Carter Shox basketball shoes whenever I decide to drop 45 lb plates on my feet from the height of a stationary bench press bar. Thankfully, this scenario has only happened once to me. smh
Dec 13, 2006 @ 20:37
air max 1
Dec 14, 2006 @ 00:16
VC 3 for workout.
New Balance track runners
Dec 14, 2006 @ 15:47
New Balances.
Dec 14, 2006 @ 18:27
go for cross trainers, you won't believe how much difference it makes. running shoes (and casual shoes) are designed to flex and facilitate a heel to toe motion. on running shoes, you often see the heel part of the outsole split in half, isolating the outside of the heel from the inside. this is because when running and walking, you strike your foot on the outside of the heel and transition to the inside of the toe for a push off (the GAIT cycle). a cross trainer will generally be lower profile, have a flatter outsole, and offer much better lateral support for weight lifting.
Dec 14, 2006 @ 19:08
AM1 every time I'm in the weight room
Dec 17, 2006 @ 11:11
nobody squat heavy much or what?

chuck taylor's for meeee
Dec 22, 2006 @ 09:37
if your a nikd head.. us Air Maxes... if not check out NB or Asics
Dec 24, 2006 @ 12:56
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