Hamstring injuries

Mar 12, 2011 @ 12:22
I have been having chronic hamstring problems. When I was playing soccer in HS I pulled it during playoffs so I was basically done for the season since it's like a 2-3 week injury. I then waited about 4 weeks and played a tournament with my club. During the second game of my tournament I was sprinting for a through ball and took a stride and felt it pull again. It was the same spot on my right leg. It seems to be very high on my hamstring, pretty much right below my butt. So after this I decided enough was enough and I went to PT for a month and I was stretching it and strengthening it and took about 2 months off of soccer over the winter. I got back in the spring and played fine indoor for about a month with no injury and felt 100%. I had my first outdoor game yesterday and played fine first half and I when I sat down at halftime I felt a little tightness in the spot but I didn't think anything of it and went on(wasn't a good idea). When I had a breakaway I shot and I felt it pull again. I came home from the tournament now and I'm icing it. But this is all so frustrating because I worked so hard to make it 100% and I thought it was and now this happens. I stretch both my hammys every night and I just don't get it. Hopefully this is just a phase because I'm growing but I really don't know and I am afraid because I play at a high level and any time I am out it is really a disadvantage. I know you guys aren't doctors but if any of you have been in my position please give me an opinion.Thanks
Mar 12, 2011 @ 16:34
Dunno...Haven't had Hammy problems..The main thing that is holding me back is my Achilles smh

For starters, don't stretch every effin night...
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